Not many films impress me anymore nowadays.
I usually fast-forward through most of them.

Sicario is a different beast altogether. It’s close to perfect in regard to what I look for in a film and, as an added bonus, it has Benicio Del Torro delivering what is perhaps the best performance of his entire career (and I’m a huge fan of his).

Josh Brolin, who apparently didn’t want to play the role because he didn’t “get” his character, is equally good as the rather ironic/cynical and jaded spook. Everyone has also been talking about Emily Blunt “elevating” this film to a higher level but, no matter how much I like her, she was the least convincing for me. Despite some grand moments, her “what are we doing” shtick just didn’t ring true with me.

One of the final scenes with Del Torro at a dinner table in Mexico is one of the most brilliant (atmospheric) scenes I have ever seen in a film (and I have re-watched it many times).

Perfect direction by Denis Villeneuve, stunning cinematography by Roger Deakins and a wonderfully-paced script by Taylor Sheridan.

This one has been flying more under the radar than it should have and I really hope that Del Torro gets an Oscar nod for it.

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