I consider self evaluation at school to be an objective and beneficial learning experience for everyone involved, both students and teachers.

Although some critics I know remain skeptical, my experience in school with self-evaluation of work a student has done in a course or class over a longer period of time is not only a complicated but also beneficial process for the students I have asked to do so. I am always amazed how well students judge themselves, their interest in a subject, the preparation for and the participation in class. The only tendency I have encountered is to perhaps undervalue one’s own work, not to cater to the teacher but because many students happen to be overly critical of their own work in a particular group environment. What I have never once encountered is a student (within any age group) grossly over-estimating the effort made. In addition, many, but not all, find it beneficial when asked to appraise their own work. If also given the chance to – objectively – evaluate the teacher’s or even the school’s work, without fail the results are thoughtful and to the point. So, I believe more teachers should give their students the chance to do so because I am regularly told that being asked to appraise one’s own work or that of others is more than a rare occurrence not only where I work. That’s a pity, really.

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