S6? Thanks, but no thanks!

The new Samsung S6 looks like a smart phone, not surprisingly referencing the most recent iPhone, but besides the fact that I have never been the one to toss out a perfectly good gadget (S5) just to have the latest model, for me (and many others) the S6 falls short in several departments. To be as “cool” as Apple, I guess, Samsung ditched the replaceable battery, the expansion slot, and put Gorilla glass all over the thing (fingerprint heaven).

I don’t know who works in the various development and market research departments at Samsung, but I have the feeling their data don’t add up. Many Samsung customers are NOT looking for an iPhone! Actually, they went with Samsung to get as far away as possible from Apple and anything that reeks of it.

By encasing the battery and eliminating the expansion slot, they have dropped those customers – with a healthy “F*ck Off!” – that bought the phone especially for those reasons. I, for example, use the phone mostly as a mobile music (especially FLAC files, which I am too lazy to convert) and video player. That drains the battery and needs space. I know I could lug around a battery pack (not bloody likely) and I know that the new S6 is supposed to be charged in no time, but I would hate to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a drained battery (I often change mine at least once a day and I have three batteries in constant rotation). And looking at the specs of the new S6, that thing is going to eat battery power like there’s no tomorrow, unless, of course, you dim everything down and cripple your phone with nasty battery saving settings. Nope, not for me.

I guess what bugs me most is that whereas older models were geared to a wide variety of users, the new one isn’t. It’s for the average lifestyle-oriented person who a) has the required cash and b) might as well buy an iPhone.

If I need to change to a new phone one day, I guess I would opt for the new Samsung Note … if they keep the replaceable battery for that model. If not, I guess I have to look elsewhere.

Posted by Volkher Hofmann

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