There has been a revolution going on in wine making, not only in Germany (although here in my – absolutely fabulous – wine region, it is more than prominent), but globally as well.

Actually, there have been two revolutions going on, with one being the catalyst for the other. One of the best things to happen to wine making these fast 10 years were the young winemakers taking over. They are experimenting, they are all over the place and, most importantly, they are making some spectacular wines, especially “affordable” (a difficult term to define) ones that are so damn good that one wonders why this particular revolution didn’t started earlier. I guess it took a younger – much more adventurous – mindset to kick things off. Although some cheapskates jumped on board, the second revolution was a complete revamping of wine labels to go along with those “new” wines. Corporate identity, minimalist, typographic and white space design invaded the formerly dusty and old-fashioned labels that seemed to rely on bottled quality (and word of mouth) only. I have to admit that I did try some of those wines that just looked “cool”. I’m susceptible that way, but I asked first if they were worthwhile. And, believe me, we are talking top -notch wines that range anywhere between Euro 6,50 to (for affordable red and  top-of-the-line “Riesling” wines) around Euro 30.-. So far I haven’t had a dud.

I was at my new favorite haunt again this weekend, the “Par Terre” in Landau, just a little north of here, and it is amazing how a) knowledgeable the young lady (Christine Ludt) that runs it is and b) how spectacular the many expertly-selected wines they offer are. Just cruising the expansive shop literally throws hand-selected new labels and adventurous wines into your face. At times, it is almost too much to take in at once. The “Par Terre” has cleverly turned the whole wine-buying into a lifestyle experience as well and when I was there on Saturday, Tim Schōu, former lead singer and founder of Danish band “A Friend in London”, was doing the sound check for an acoustic solo concert the same evening.

Should you ever be in the area, do check “Par Terre” out. It’s one of the best spots in the bottom half of Germany to find excellent wines instantaneously. They also have an online shop. Just sayin’.

Par Terre | Vinothek Südliche Weinstraße Landau GmbH | Georg-Friedrich-Dentzel-Straße 11 | 76829 Landau | | Run by Christine Ludt and Markus Schreiner

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  1. The address is misspelt. Dem Jakobiner fehlt das “t”. Just sayin’. :p


    1. Das haben die selber – ohne nachschauen zu wollen – versaubeutelt. 🙂
      Thanks for the heads up. 🙂
      Ich liebe language mixes.


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