“Project Raspberry Pi”

Every two years, we drop ourselves into a “project week” at our school which I, personally, have always enjoyed massively these past 20+ years. Yes, sometimes projects are offered that don’t really speak to me, but at a school with student numbers in excess of 1300, there must be room for just about everything possible under the sun.

This time I was asked to chaperone a project that I myself have little knowledge of. I was approached by some 10th graders who wanted me to help them organize a programming project for 5 days. Basically, I myself have to just sit there and make sure that nobody gets hurt. 😉

Still, although I don’t have the serious programming credentials my students have, I am interested in what they are going to do with 12 to 14 other highly motivated people. They themselves have prepared a formidable ground plan of teaching the rest how to program a Raspberry Pi … to make it do stuff.
In 4 days (the fifth day, a Saturday, is going to be presentation day with hundreds of visitors).
In some cases from zero to one-hundred.

I’m really looking forward to it all, especially because the students themselves have a) shown tons of dedication, b) have serious passion for it and c) apparently know their sh*t.
Plus, they are great people.

I’m ready to learn lots of stuff from them. 🙂

P.S.: From Tuesday next week onwards, you can follow (in German) what we are doing over on http://raspberry.deus62.de/. At the moment, this small website is still password-protected for planning purposes, but we will open it up next Tuesday for anyone interested. The plan is to publish two posts every day, one to describe what we have achieved and one with a load of photos to illustrate it all.

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