Oscar Peterson Trio: London House Sessions, 1961

Oscar Peterson Trio: London House Sessions, ‘61

I believe it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who once said “Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” Well, color yourself happy and call me shallow or just – as I

Absolute Distribution.

Absolute Distribution / Blue Sounds

The problem with Jazz is that it’s old and because of that, many of the recordings are hard to come by or, at worst, simply unavailable. Add to that the absolutely shoddy reissue policy of

"Sigmarail" CD Display by Lowkon (Germany)

Sigmarail by LOWKON

Although Lowkon sounds more like a Chinese or Asian company, they are in fact object designers hailing from southern Germany. Their design concept is one of simplicity and minimalism, as embodied in the often-heard slogan

Small part of my IKEA IVAR shelf system setup.


As soon as this site went online, I was flooded with e-mails (please do use the comment function on the site if you have questions on a featured item or related issues). Enquiring minds wanted

Dusty Groove America.

Dusty Groove America

Online music forums of all types are full of whining people. With that I don’t mean the usual online trolls and freaks, but those that constantly complain that their wallet cannot sustain their addiction to

Kerdil, Frank (Denmark): "Groove" CD Holder


If you have rather large collections like I do, it’s always nice to have a smaller selection close to your stereo if the collection, which is often the case, is stored in a rather elaborate