Weakly Digest #1 (header).

Weekly Digest #1

The weekly digest is an attempt to collect all those major and minor things that just seem to fly by all too fast. This week we’ve got some photos and a whole list of quick

The Internet of ... Nothing.

The Internet of … Nothing

The other day I got an interesting response from an old 9rules acquaintance who has often thought about “going dark”, permanently unplugging his private life from the Internet to keep the distracting, depressing and often irrelevant “noise”

Star Wars Despecialized Editions (header).

Star Wars Despecialized

The Star Wars “despecialized” editions have been around for quite some years now and have been upgraded here or there with major or minor tweaks to make them even better. They are absolute labors of

Banshee (banner).

Banshee – Dumb Fun in Amish Country

Yes, I know. As a responsible teacher and as an educated TV viewer I shouldn’t have liked Banshee, which surprisingly managed a 4-season run, but I did. Actually, it was one of my favorite series


DesktopServer? Money Well Spent!

Getting things done correctly and quickly No matter what people tell you, moving a WordPress website or, worse, merging and then moving websites is not an easy thing to do. It becomes especially cumbersome if

Rebooting deus62.com.

Rebooting One Final Time

Blogging is dead. That’s why I’m still around doing it. I have never really been an early adopter or someone who really liked to follow popular trends. When people were wearing bell-bottoms, I put on