OGGI (Stuttgart)

I’m comparatively new to the Stuttgart cuisine, but having been there more frequently these past months, I have gotten around to eating twice at OGGI – Tavola Mediterranea, which has quickly turned out to be my go-to restaurant for the moment (meaning I expect to be there a lot more often).

I’ll make it short. It is popular and hence not easy to get a table as a walk-in on the weekend, but so far I have been lucky. They tried their best to not let me wait longer than a few minutes. Because it is popular, the (rather large) restaurant is usually filled to the bursting point and the tables are very close to each other, meaning you have to squeeze in.

The most important thing though is that the food that I (and others accompanying me) have eaten there has been uniformly excellent. That includes their short but excellent open wine list as well. When busy, the food can take a while to reach your table, but when it does, it is fresh, hot and tasty. I tried both pasta and meat dishes, have had assorted cheeses for desert and, so far, have indulged in their two most expensive open red wines (around 8 to 9 Euro for a 0,2 glass) plus, of course, a glass of Prosecco for starters – all excellent. Most impressive for a restaurant in the land of the obese were the refreshingly modest (in a positive sense) portions.

Do check it out. It’s worth it and more than affordable, depending on what you choose.


Kleiner Schlossplatz 11

Telefon 0711 . 28 45 990
Telefax 0711 . 28 46 129

[photo: Taken from their (nice) website – © Tom Maurer. I hope the latter won’t kill me for stealing it for this post.]

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