No-Go Zone

In a year ripe with depressing developments, the worst one was that “Deutsche Bahn” cancelled its City Night Line connection from Basel, Switzerland to Copenhagen, Denmark.

No more night trains.

Not that they weren’t booked out every single damn time I tried to secure a sleeping car compartment recently. No, the trains were booked out for months in advance.

But, the powers that be decided that the connection wasn’t economically viable. Plus, Denmark announced some pretty massive construction sites along the route in 2015 recently, allowing “Deutsche Bahn” to bury the connection prematurely.

Any other train connection usually takes 17 to 19 hours. If you want to fly, you’ll soon discover that from Frankfurt or any other airport in Germany, (relatively) cheap flights to 6 trillion destinations are available … but not to Copenhagen. They are always full price unless you are someone able to plan and fly on very short notice as a standby passenger. So, you could fly to Gothenburg, Sweden cheaply and take a train from there (at night). But the connections are so bad for someone who actually works until the early evening that one might as well opt for the aforementioned 17 to 19-hour train connection.

Ergo, Denmark has – for all intents and purposes – been eradicated from my frequent traveler’s map.
Pretty definitely.
That sucks.

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