Moving On Up (the Vinyl Ladder)

Just a short breath ago, I added the Teac TN-300 to my setup, mostly to “rip” some LPs to FLAC. Literally seconds later, someone had the above beauty on sale for a mere fraction of the price of a new Teac TN-300. In addition, this excellent budget turntable from way back when, the Dual 510, was delivered personally right to the spot it now resides in. Thanks a million for that, Siamac!

The Dual 510 features a two-speed belt driven turntable that turns from 0 to 33.33 rpm in only 2 seconds. The platter is about 12 inches in diameter, and the tonearm is constructed of torsion resistant tubular aluminum. Vinyl Engine reviewers praise the Dual 510’s true German craftsmanship and quality sound. Audio Karma reviewers say the 510 remains a “go to” favorite.” (eBay)

Finally, things are beginning to approach the sound I remember from way back when.

Posted by Volkher Hofmann

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