In nearly 21 years on the job, I have never experienced a workload like the one I am facing right now, stretching beyond the horizon for the next 11 days or so. I already know before really digging in that there is not even a remote chance I will be able to finish all of it by Christmas, so some of it will be looming over my head for the entire Christmas holiday, until January … when the treadmill starts turning again.

In phases like these, my office turns into a room in which the impossible is done wholesale, miracle-like.

It all reminds me of a wonderful week ages ago. I spent a week in the UK, lodging with a teacher colleague there whom I helped waste an entire week on “extracurricular activities” until the sun came up. On the last day (and night) there, I helped her correct something like 50 or 60 ten- to twenty-page art/design projects which were due on the day I left. We got the work done. The kids were happy. And, most importantly, we did not do sloppy work. 26 hours straight. Not a single second wasted.

A miracle.

We teachers do miracle work at least twice a year.

P.S.: It might (or might not) be a bit more quiet around here until I can resurface for a breath of fresh (or, really, any other type of) air. Hang on tight …

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