The other day I decided to create some quick-shot covers for the music I carry around with me on my Samsung S5 and what you see above, I’m lugging around as we speak. On a separate drive (Foobar’s quick convert function is your friend), I quickly created about 800 GB of my own “Best of” collections as well as complete artist discographies from which I pull a weekly selection to carry around with me.

Being anally retentive, the covers were “designed” to fit in nicely with the more minimal material design style of my phone. Yeah, I know …

P.S.: I have my own strange system of filing away music, so Blues goes into “Blues”, Jazz into “Jazz”, anything that has that ECM vibe into “ECM Sound” and just about everything else that isn’t classical (which would be filed under “Classical”) into “Pop and Rock”. Hence the bottom-left categories on the covers.

There’s also a “Fusion” section as well as a “Danish Pop” one, but I haven’t gotten around to those yet.

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