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It is a while back that I saw this totally cool-looking CD shelf hanging on a shop wall. That time, I forgot to ask the shop owner what it was. The other day, it suddenly jumped right into my face again from the front page of a German online design shop I frequent.

The “linea1” shelf system doesn’t only comprise CD shelves, but the “linea1 b” CD shelf is what we are going to be looking at here. It is a “single laser-cut piece of 1.5mm thin galvanized sheet steel” which has been folded into a shape that almost makes it disappear once filled with CDs. It’s basically an “invisible” CD shelf.

If you look at the shelf from the front, the only thing you will really be looking at are the/your CDs. If you look from the side, it juts out marginally and when I inspected it in said shop, I still thought it looked both light and mostly invisible. One shelf is 12,6 cm tall, 15,6 cm deep, 70cm long, weighs just about 4kg and can hold up to 67 single compact discs in a single neat row. It is attached to the wall with two fixtures that need to be drilled into the wall; the shelf is then “hung” into the fixtures to make it look like it juts out from  the wall by itself.

The fixtures are included, material to drill into the wall and to hold the fixtures you have to buy yourself because whatever you need depends on the material and strength of the wall you want to affix the shelf to.

As far as I can tell, the shelf is only sold with a white powder coating (RAL 9016 semi gloss) and it isn’t exactly cheap, it clocks in at 138 Euro at the moment, but it does look cool, especially if you arrange several of them on a plain wall to create, well, any shape or alignment you like.

The linea1 was designed by Francesco Apuzzo and Irina Jurasic in 2004 and was nominated for the “Interior Innovation Award 2008” in Cologne, Germany.

When I first saw the shelf I also thought of the first and only reason why it would not fit my own CD collection (it would, but it wouldn’t look as nice). Just filled with identical jewel cases, this shelf is ultra-cool. I have small or larger boxed sets, digipaks and other more or less functional CD cases though and thrown together, I think that might ruin some of the aesthetic appeal this particular shelf has. I’m a sorely tempted though to get one to have hanging just above my stereo. It would be able to hold more recent acquisitions than the “Human CD Holder” I presently have standing next to my CD player and it would probably look a lot more stylish.

The Linea1 shelf system is sold by  Irina Jurasic herself and her web page, which has both a German and an English section, offers a catalog for download and detailed information about each item in the system plus, of course, a contact form you can use to get in touch.

linea1 b compact disc shelf (for 67 compact discs):

  • material: 1.5 mm sheet steel
  • surface/color: white powder coating, RAL 9016 semi gloss
  • measurements: height: 12,6 cm | depth: 15,6 cm | length: 70 cm
  • weight: 4 kg (without packaging)
  • price: 1 shelf costs 138,00 €

line1 contact information:

  • Website: (German | English)
  • Address:
    linea1 _Irina Jurasic
    Ackerstraße 165
    10115 Berlin, Germany
  • tel: +49 (0)30 34662426
  • fax: +49 (0)30 34662429
  • email:

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  1. I have one of these I bought online.
    It looks very sleek and I thought it was quite easy to get up on the wall.
    You will probably hate me for it, but I arranged my CDs by color to make it look even neater!


    1. Yeah, I’ve been known to that with both books AND CDs at times. Embarrassing, isn’t it? 🙂


  2. I found you here while looking for nice shelves…

    Then I found this, which is very similar at less than half the price! Still looks like reliable quality to my eye. And you can get them in red. This might be what I go for next, along with the Rosendahl cd25 you recommended!



    1. Thanks for the heads up, Gareth!


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