Late in the Evening

You know the endless stream of those useless books that tell you about the thousands of places to see before you die, the food you should taste and the music you should listen to?

One entitled “Musical Moments You Would Have Liked to Be Part Of” is still missing from that roster.
At least I think so.

I’ve seen a lot of music in my lifetime and I neither missed nor regretted much, but I would have liked to be one of a half a million individuals assembled on a rainy day in Central Park to listen to Simon & Garfunkel, reunited for an evening on Saturday, September 19, 1981.

There are a single few minutes in that concert that I especially would have liked to be a part of. Starting at 33:43, Simon & Garfunkel (and the absolute stellar backing band) launch into “Late in the Evening“, a song that brings most of the audience to their feet, dancing. I remember watching that concert on Danish TV, although I can’t recall if it was broadcast live or a few hours later because of the time shift. And I still remember the very moment “Late in the Evening” injected an incredible amount of energy into a relaxed but enthusiastic audience. Those kinds of singular moments are rarely captured on film, but this one was.

Lots has been written about the ups and downs of this fascinating reunion concert, but I think one should have been there to experience the incredible atmosphere and friendliness oozing from 500.000 New Yorkers who welcomed Simon & Garfunkel back into the fold.

Note: The featured image is © Central Park Conservancy (flickr link).

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