La Taberna del Puerto

Address: Paseo Maritimo, 35570 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Spain.

Puerto Calero is one of the areas in the vicinity of Puerto del Carmen where all the wealthy people seem to live. You can be as nuts as I once was and actually walk there from Puerto del Carmen in 40+ degrees Celcius, across a barren plain that offers no serious plant life whatsoever, or, as I did subsequently, you can take a water taxi from Puerto del Carmen right into Puerto Calero, which will cost you around 5 Euro or so and is a fun ride!

The Taberna del Puerto, opened in 1997, is in the harbor, 20 seconds away from where the water taxis lands, and in the front row with a spectacular view of the many (expensive) boats there. It also happens to have the best Paella I have eaten in ages along with an excellent and varied menu that highlights exciting and fresh local dishes. This wonderful restaurant with lots of local guests and flair has become a must-visit spot every single time I am on Lanzarote.

I would go there for lunch, not dinner, simply because the harbor is filled to the brim with guests in the evenings. So, if dinner is your choice, you absolutely should reserve a table well in advance. At lunch time, getting a table has always been a breeze and because it’s so warm on the island, the harbor is comparatively empty. I’ve always enjoyed lunch at the Taberna in combination with a relaxing afternoon in the harbor, lounging about and having a drink or two in the bars next to the restaurant. If you want a quiet afternoon, this is the place to head to.



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