Hotel Las Costas

Address: Av. de las Playas, 88, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain.

The hotel has consistently received top reviews on trip Advisor and many other sites that have (mostly reliable) hotel reviews. It’s located right at the end of a long beach that even with an increase in visitors I noticed in 2016 has plenty of longer stretches of free space that it never feels crowded. My day always started with long walks along that beach before breakfast and one quickly got to know the 5 or 10 people that did the same. There were days on which it felt like I was the only person at the beach at that early hour (7 or 8 o’clock in the morning) for an hour or two. Also later in the day, you can find plenty of spots for peaceful relaxation.

The second deciding factor that put the hotel at my #1 spot is its location in regard to entertainment and other – much more noisy – endeavors. The Avenida de las Playas is a long stretch going all the way down to the old charming harbor of Puerto Del Carmen, and along that stretch you will find hundreds of more or less worthwhile restaurants, bars, and clubs. The good thing about Las Costas is that it is situated far enough away from the start of that stretch. It’s quiet, there isn’t any noise from the positively buzzing center and once the sun goes down, you can rest easily.

The hotel itself used to be a bit more quiet than it is now, but it is located in such a perfect spot that I don’t mind the increase in noise brought by many tourists from all over Europe that suddenly popped up there when Turkey and northern-African countries apparently became too dangerous for them to visit. Compared to many other hotels I stayed at in my lifetime, it is more than quiet enough to not have annoyed me at any point of my stays there.

If you don’t like to have children around, don’t stay there because it is a family-friendly hotel. On the positive side, next to mostly German, many British and other European guests, the hotel is also frequented by lots of Spanish couples or families, which is something I enjoy very much, simply because it is a sign that it’s not a tourist spot only.  I usually book some sort of half-board package and the breakfast and dinner buffets offer more than enough great food to make most people happy. I always went for the on-demand freshly cooked food both in the mornings (omlette!) and evenings (fish and salad bar) and circumvented the usual buffet fare that is more than OK but nothing spectacular to write home about.

In my case, the service in the hotel has been excellent every single time and I began to notice that, like myself, the hotel has a large number of returning guests who are well-known and happily greeted when they enter for the 7th, 8th or 15th stay there. When I talked to some of these guests, elderly couples, families or singles of all age groups, they all pretty much echoed what I wrote here.

Yes, there are lots of very tiny ants that can/will also be around your terrace or room, but that’s a Lanzarote/Canary Islands problem that, if you are so inclined, the hotel staff will take care of quickly. I couldn’t give a damn because it comes with the territory and, honestly, they don’t bother me one single bit. The hotel itself is as clean as you can get it with winds blowing constantly and fine dust being around 24/7, and I have absolutely no complaints. The room service was spot on and the people working there will take care of any problem instantly.

They have many different rooms, with sea view and whatnot, but I like to ask for a room in advance that is on the ground floor and offers shade from around 1 or 2 o’clock onwards. Ask at the reception if you’re a first-timer. I cannot stress enough how hot it can be in the sun and actually those rooms that offer shade in the afternoon might not be the most spectacular ones, but every time I’m there I notice the envious stares of passers-by that have realized that instead of opting for the top suites, they should have opted for a room where I was staying at. One of the best aspects of my stays there were the many, many afternoons spent striking tons of books off my reading list on a quiet and comparatively cool terrace, accompanied by a cold and strong Cuba Libre (there is a supermarket directly across form the hotel and you can find more a few hundred meters away to both sides).

The hotel has a washing machine so you don’t have to carry to much luggage to the island, its WiFi is extremely slow (a problem of infrastructure there and not one the hotel is responsible for), it has a nice pool I hardly ever used and it was recently renovated.

I’m looking forward to my fifth stay there, probably next summer.


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