Cafe La Ola

Address: Av. de las Playas, 10, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain.
Website: (under construction)

The problem with tourists is that they are lazy. It didn’t take me long to discover my favorite spot along the entertainment stretch one or two kilometers from my hotel, Cafe La Ola. See, you actually don’t really notice it from the Avenida above and need to walk down a short stretch to discover that La Ola is situated a few meters above from the (rocky) beach below with a huge multi-storey restaurant, a large terraced area with deck chairs, tables, a large lounge bed, and even a small pool. It was expanded after my first visit there in 2011 when a neighboring house was torn down and the resulting area became an additional very colorful Grill & Bar area, “Dreams“. The last time I was there, “Dreams” had been rebranded. Now it’s “Grill La Ola“.

Once discovered, I think I spent some hours there almost every day. The service was great (and people began to notice I was a returning customer, which even upped it a notch regularly) and, most importantly, the “grill” section to the left offers enough shade and unobtrusive service to enjoy a couple of good drinks, tapas and hours of quiet reading.

Cafe La Ola is a buzzing hot spot at night, but in the early or late afternoon, it is frequented by people who walk up from the beach a few meters below or just want to get away from the blistering heat for an hour or two, like me. Every single time I went there, usually between one and four o’clock in the afternoon, I immediately found a spot in the shade and then started relaxing. In the evening, it’s a good idea to reserve a table.

I love the place and have spent a lot of time there.



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