Because many friends, colleagues and acquaintances know that since 2011 Lanzarote has become my  #1 holiday spot, they always ask me what it is like on the island and about recommendations, I have decided to follow up with that famous idiom, “a picture is worth a thousand words“, and I have added some Lanzarote pages to the new gallery (December, 2016).

So, on the pages linked to below, which are also accessible via the “Gallery” link at the top of this website, you will find descriptions of the places the photos were taken at, an address, a few links and, of course, the photos.

I’m starting with some favorite spots on the island and will add on to this section in early 2017.



Hotel Las Costas / Puerto Del Carmen

Hotel Las Costas (entrance).

(32 photos) Hotel Las Costas is a 4-star hotel I have been so satisfied with since my first time on the island that I keep returning to it, much like the many other returning customers from around Europe and Spain that seem to enjoy it as much as I do. The quality of service as been consistent across all my stays there and I have once again already booked a 14-day stay at the hotel for 2017. Las Costas has become a home away from home of sorts for me.


Cafe La Ola & Dreams / Puerto Del Carmen

Grill La Ola (header).

(27 photos) I discovered Cafe La Ola the first time I spent two weeks on Lanzarote and have spent time there almost every day since whenever I returned for a two-week stay. The bar and grill, “Dreams”, was added a little later and it is centrally located but magically removed from the main tourist masses streaming through that area. No idea why, really, but don’t tell anyone. Fabulous relaxation spot in the afternoons and positively buzzing in the later evenings.


Taberna de Nino / Puerto Del Carmen

(23 photos) This is my favorite tapas restaurant in Puerto del Carmen with lots of excellent food, charm and great service. It’s smack dab in the middle of the old harbor with a great view if you manage to get a table out on the balcony. Inside though, it’s even more cozy. The restaurant offers an inventive selection of pintxos and tapas accompanied by, if you are so inclined, a fine selection of affordable wines. The service has always been extremely friendly and customers are given the time to enjoy their evening.


La Taberna del Puerto / Puerto Calero

Taberna Del Puerto (Puerto Calero).

(17 photos) Puerto Calero is easily reachable via water taxi from Puerto del Carmen and it’s worth it. In the harbor, you’ll find an excellent restaurant that serves the best paella I’ve eaten in ages and if that’s not your cup of tea, they have an excellent and varied menu that highlights exciting and fresh local dishes. As a bonus, you have a first row seat if watching wealthy people sailing in and out of the harbor makes you happy. It’s became a must-visit spot for me, especially for lunch when the harbor is nice and quiet.


[to be continued in early 2017]