Kasper Winding: Kick (1980)

Finally! It all started with this Danish album, plus the Sneakers debut album from the same year, 1980. 32 years later, in January of 2012, I finally managed to score a near-mint copy off a German eBay seller to almost complete the collection of Danish music I came to love way back then.

I already had the English version of this LP, which I had (accidentally) bought ages ago at some flea market, but it just didn’t compare to the original.

This year, I plan on getting this LP, the two Buzstop and the first V6 LPs (all of which were never released on CD) ripped and transferred to lossless FLAC by someone with a high-end rig, someone I have already located through Germany’s biggest audiophile forum.

Well, here it is then, the last one that was still missing from my (Danish pop/rock) collection.
Yippee ki-yay!


Kasper Winding. Kick. CBS Records ApS 84230, 1980.

Michael Elo: sang, kor, håndklap; Kasper Winding: sang, kor, trommer, percussion, flygel, håndklap, stemme, Fender Rhodes Piano, bas, Oberheim 6 Voice synth., Wurlitzer piano; Kenneth Knudsen: Roland Jupiter synth., Mini Moog, Roland System 100 synth., Poly Moog, Roland Por Mars bas; Bobby Malach: tenor sax; Kim Sagild: guitar, mandolin, håndklap; Finn Gustafsson: guitar; Ray Gomez: guitar. slide guitar; Bo Stief: bas; Aske Bentzon: Lyricon; Morten Kærså: Fender Rhodes Piano.

Produceret af: Kasper Winding & Henrik Lund; Lydteknik: Henrik Lund; Indspillet i: Easy Sound Recording januar, februar og marts 1980; Front cover design: Torkild Gudnason & Peter Åstrøm (New York); Cover foto: Torkild Gudnason; Innersleeve design: Kasper Winding & Peter Bundgaard; Innersleeve foto: Pia Tryde (foto Bobby Malach: Torkild Gudnason); Skåret af: Peter Dahl, Europafilm, Stockholm.

Side A:
01 – Chok (3:31)
02 – Daisie (5:04)
03 – Sneblind (5:23)
04 – I Det Ene Sekund (4:46)

Side B:
01 – Lizzi Du Gør Mig Dizzi (3:42)
02 – Tag Nu Og Ring (3:36)
03 – Udspillet (4:37)
04 – Efter Programmet (4:02)
05 – Mig Og ? (3:09)



Note: The inside scans are my own, the cover I downloaded and fixed up, somewhat. You might also be interested in my series (it’s only one post as of now) on Danish music that I have been working on over  in the living.with.music section of my site, starting with the initial post entitled “A musical life in Denmark of the 1970s, 80s and 90s“.

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