In 2012, we invited Joscho Stephan to Jockgrim, a small town next to where I live, to play with his quartet.

Ever since I actually sat 2 meters away from him watching him play two lengthy sets, I am convinced that next to Tommy Emmanuel, who is the world’s eminent finger-picking and perhaps best acoustic guitarist altogether (at least in my book), Joscho is the guitarist with the most natural flow. He makes what he does look so damn easy and I have seen him give Tommy Emmanuel a run for the money as well. He’s an all around nice guy with tons of humor and I highly recommend checking him out live should you get the chance.

If you are at all interested in guitar playing, check out the ease with which his fingers fly across the fretboard, the inventiveness and, especially (f.ex. 4:17 following) the stunning rhythm work he can whip out.

Note: Unfortunately, this recording is a bit muddled, making everything sound a bit flat but, believe me, live both the trio or quartet, whichever one you can catch, have a wonderfully round, rich, cohesive and swinging tone. Very highly recommended.

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