[Edit: “Jewlboxing” was discontinued in 2013.] I don’t remember when I stumbled over these, but it must have been when someone sent me a privately-produced promotional CD. To be quite honest, I didn’t much care for the CD’s content, but the packaging was stunning. For me it was an epiphany of sorts: CD and DVD packaging did not have to be so incredibly uniform and boring.

The Jewelboxing system is not cheap, but if you really want to shine with your packaging and design, this is more affordable than any equally stunning home-produced case or packaging you can cook up.

What you get are Super Jewel brand disc cases made of sturdy, no-tint, recyclable polystyrene. They are much more resistant than conventional cases and have a snappy thumb-operated locking mechanism. You can purchase two different sizes, “music-sized” (Standards, CD) and movie sized” (Kings, DVD), and the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Along with buying, say, a 100-pack Kings package for $210, you also get access to downloadable design templates for all the big programs, 120 trayliners and insert books (meaning you can mess up 20 each) and printable disc labels needed if you can’t have burnables you can print on yourself.

The system is wildly popular amongst designers and producers, has been tried and tested by countless professional design agencies and home users, and it is safe to say that it is virtually foolproof.

If you want further information, check out the Jewelboxing site which showcases many designs submitted by users and features a daily weblog discussing designs and aspects of the system.

Kings, Movie-Sized Cases
20pack Kings: $54 USD (20 Kings, 24 Trayliners, Insert Books, Disc Labels)
40pack Kings: $98 USD (40 Kings, 48 Trayliners, Insert Books, Disc Labels
100pack Kings: $210 USD (100 Kings, 120 Trayliners, Insert Books, Disc Labels)

The New Standard, Music-Sized Cases
30pack Standards: $54 USD (30 Standards, 36 Trayliners, Insert Books, Disc Labels)
60pack Standards: $98 USD (60 Standards, 72 Trayliners, Insert Books, Disc Labels)
150pack Standards: $210 USD (150 Standards, 180 Trayliners, Insert Books, Disc Labels)

Site Links:
Jewelboxing main site
Jewelboxing FAQ
Jewelboxing Examples and Inspirations
Jewelboxing Blog
Jewlboxing Shop

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