Jazz in Paris


“Jazz in Paris”: Introduction

One of the highlights of these past years was to try and complete my full run of the wonderful reissue series, “Jazz in Paris”. Around the time when these over 100 CDs came out, people were still reluctant to pay larger sums of money for these, especially since prices seemed to be dropping after their initial release, but I’m sure many wish they had gotten with the program from the get-go. At the time, eBay also seemed to be less infested with bargain hunters as it is now, and I count myself extremely lucky that I was able to get the boxed sets of the first 100 CDs or so at virtually no cost. Altogether I paid around 200 Euro for a little over 100 CDs and still today I regularly celebrate the anniversaries of these purchases. Add to that the usual insanity that is collecting and what you get is me, myself and I also investing into the four wonderful compilation boxes some months later. But, as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Jazz went to Paris and other places in Europe to live. That might sound funny to many of those who don’t spend a lot of time listening to jazz, but it’s true. Although its birthplace was elsewhere, many musicians either relocated to Europe or found a more than appreciative audience there whereas in the US they were at times perhaps shunned or at best ignored. I think it was Dizzy Gillespie who once said something to the effect that jazz was too good for the United States. Without wanting to get too much into the racial implications here, it is a fact that at various times in US history, black (jazz) musicians had more than their share of problems, segregation more often than not relegating them to the back entrances of places they were playing at – and that was only a small part of the problem(s).

Paris, which had developed into the jazz center of Europe already in the beginning of the 20th century, offered many of these musicians a safe haven as well as a permanent home (later, Denmark, Sweden and sometimes Germany usurped that role) and jazz thrived because of it. One can even be as bold as to state that without Paris and Europe, jazz might never have been recognized as an art form. It was in Europe that jazz had gained that kind of recognition and, as far as I recall, it was jazz critics such as Leonard Feather (England) and Dan Morgenstern (Austria), who spent their entire lifetimes promoting it as an art form in the United States.

No matter what your take on jazz history is, it remains a fact that we all owe the bigwigs at Universal for releasing this wonderful run of spectacular recordings from mostly the 1950s and 1960s. If you got with the program right from the start, you had the chance to pick up over 100 regular reissues of classic LPs/EPs, a few more that were added “out of series”, as well as four absolutely beautiful boxed sets that collected the best from the previous runs on 3 CDs plus a wonderful booklet and perhaps an extra recording or two each. One had the chance to buy these reissues separately or, for a limited time, in two slipcased editions that either collected 25 or 75 of them and, if you kept your ears close to the ground, you will have the chance starting March 2007 to complete the series with the last 15 CDs coming up. There even was a catalog CD and a DVD (not seen by me) and if you look at the grand picture, this is definitely one of the most consistent and exciting reissue series of the 21st century, bar none. Kudos to Universal France for pulling it off.

Each CD is housed in a digipack cover, carries the “Gitanes Jazz Productions” logo, was carefully remastered, sports a wonderful Paris photo from that time period and includes a booklet in French and English with liner notes and complete session information. The spines are quite colorful and for packaging fetishists like me, the entire run brightens up a collection considerably.

The CDs published “out of series” were similar and equally wonderful double CDs with a portrait of the artist on the cover.

The boxed sets that were compilations of the best tracks from the first hundred or so CDs came housed in sturdy white “themed” boxes and included stunningly produced booklets (books, in fact) with rare photos, reproductions of LP covers, posters and tickets plus longer essays invoking the spirit of the time. For a while, these boxed sets were available at real bargain prices from caiman.com and I jumped on them for the books alone. Again, these compilation boxed sets were certainly amongst the best ever produced in Europe.

Beg, steal AND borrow.


A Complete List of Items (Initial Series)

Jazz in Paris: A Complete List of Items.

Note: The following single CDs were/are available. At some point, two boxed sets were available that collected most of these single CDs listed below (a 75-CD boxed set and a 25-CD boxed set). Both of these boxed sets are still available, albeit infrequently, usually from Amazon marketplace dealers.

001 – Louis Armstrong – The Best Live Concert Vol. 1
002 – Louis Armstrong – The Best Live Concert Vol. 2
003 – Miles Davis – Ascenseur Pour L’Echafaud
004 – Donald Byrd – Byrd in Paris (live)
005 – Donald Byrd – Parisian Thoroughfare (live)
006 – Buck Clayton/Peanuts Holland/Charlie Singleton – Club Session
007 – Bill Coleman – From Boogie to Funk
008 – Chet Baker – Broken Wing
009 – Dizzy Gillespie – The Giant
010 – Slide Hampton – Exodus

011 – Django Reinhard – Django et Compagnie
012 – Django Reinhard – Swing from Paris
013 – Django Reinhard – Swing 39
014 – Mary Lou Williams – I Made You Love Paris
015 – Elek Bacsik – Guitar Conceptions
016 – René Thomas – The Real Cat
017 – Toots Thielemans – Blues pour Flirter
018 – Buddy Banks – Jazz de Chambre/Bobby Jaspar – Quartet Barclay
019 – Les Blue Stars – Pardon My English/Henri Salvador – Plays the Blues
020 – Harold Nicholas/June Richmond/Andy Bey – Chanteurs-Chanteuses

021 – Don Byas – Laura
022 – Sidney Bechet/Claude Luter – Self-Titled
023 – Sonny Criss – Mr. Blues pour Flirter
024 – Guy Lafitte – Blue and Sentimental
025 – Henri Renaud – New sound at ‘The Boeuf sur le Toit’ (live)/ Zoot Sims – Quintet Barclay
026 – Barney Wilen – Jazz sur Seine
027 – Bobby Jaspar – Modern Jazz au Club Saint Germain
028 – Lucky Thompson – Modern Jazz Group
029 – Pierre Michelot – Round about a Bass
030 – Oscar Peterson ft. Stéphane Grappelli – Volume 1

031 – Oscar Peterson ft. Stéphane Grappelli – Volume 2
032 – Michel Legrand – Paris Jazz Piano
033 – Claude Bolling – Plays the Original Piano Greats
034 – Rhoda Scott/Kenny Clarke – Self Titled
035 – Eddie Louiss – Bohemia after Dark
036 – Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon – Aux Trios Mailletz
037 – Sammy Price/Lucky Thompson – Paris Blues (live)
038 – Earl Hines – Paris One Night Stand
039 – Kenny Clarke – Plays André Hodéir
040 – Art Blakey – Paris Jam Session (live)

041 – Eddie Louiss/Yvan Julien – Porgy & Bess
042 – Stéphane Grappelli – Improvisations
043 – Jean-Luc Ponty – Jazz Long Playing
044 – Lionel Hampton and his French New Sound – Vol. 1 (live)
045 – Lionel Hampton and his French New Sound – Vol. 2 (live)
046 – Lionel Hampton – Ring dem Vibes
047 – Various (Nicholas/Archey/Attenoux) – Classic Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés
048 – Various (Bernard Peiffer/Bernard Zacharias) – Modern Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés
049 – Barney Wilen/Alain Goraguer – Jazz & Cinéma Vol. 1
050 – Art Blakey/JatP/George Arvanitas – Jazz & Cinéma Vol. 2

051 – Louis Armstrong – And Friends
052 – Dizzy Gillespie – Cognac Blues
053 – Chet Baker – Quartet Plays Standards
054 – Hubert Rostaing/Maurice Meunier – Clarinettes à Saint-Germain-des-Prés
055 – Hubert Fol/Michel de Villers/Sonny Criss – Saxophones à Saint-Germain-des-Prés
056 – Stéphane Grappelli – Plays Cole Porter
057 – René Thomas – Meeting Mister Thomas
058 – Django Reinhardt – Swing 48
059 – Django Reinhardt – Django’s Blues
060 – Henri Crolla – Notre Ami Django

061 – Art Simmons/Ronnell Bright – Piano aux Champs-Elysées
062 – Lou Bennett – Pentecostal Feeling
063 – Rhoda Scott – Live at the Olympia (live)
064 – Willie « The Lion » Smith – Music on My Mind
065 – Bernard Pfeiffer – La Vie en Rose
066 – Raymond Fol – Les 4 Saisons
067 – René Urtréger – Joue Bud Powell
068 – Lionel Hampton – Mai 1956
069 – Art Blakey – 1958 Paris Olympia (live)
070 – Le Jazz Groupe de Paris – Joue André Hodeir

071 – Gainsbourg & Goaraguer/Hodeir/Humair Soultette – Jazz & Cinéma Vol. 3
072 – Don Byas/Tyree Glenn/Howard McGhee sextet/James Moody Quintet – Bebop
073 – Lucky Thompson – With Dave Pochonet All Stars
074 – Alain Goraguer – Go-Go-Goraguer
075 – Earl Hines – In Paris
076 – Michel de Villers/Claude Bolling – Danse à Saint-Germain-des-Prés
077 – Lester Young – Le dernier message
078 – Don Byas – En ce Temps-Là
079 – Stan Getz Quartet – In Paris (live)
080 – Henri Criolla – Begin the Beguine

081 – Elek Bacsik – Nuages
082 – Stéphane Grappelli/Stuff Smith – Stuff and Steff
083 – Sarah Vaughan – Vaughan & Violins
084 – Dizzy Gillespie – Dizzy Gillespie & his Operatic Strings Orchestra
085 – Bobby Jaspar – Jeux de Quartes
086 – Gerard Badini – The Swing Machine
087 – Stéphane Grappelli – Django
088 – Gus Viseur – De Clinchy à Broadway
089 – Henri Crolla – Quand Refleuriront les Lilas Blancs?
090 – Django Reinhard – Nuit de Saint-Germain-des-Prés

091 – Django Reinhard – Nuages
092 – Jack Diéval – Jazz au Champs-Elysées
093 – Bernard Pfeiffer – Plays Standards
094 – Blossom Dearie – The Pianist/Les Blue Stars – Les Blue Stars
095 – Sammy Price/Price & Doc Cheatham – Play George Gershwin
096 – Max Roach – Parisian Sketches
097 – André Hodeir – Jazz et Jazz
098 – Wetzel/Gorageur/de Villers/Solal – Jazz & Cinéma Vol. 4
099 – Wilson/Chittison/Polo Trio/Charlie Lewis – Harlem Piano in Montmartre
100 – Various – Jazz sous L’Occupation

101 – Joe Newman/Cootie Williams – Jazz at Midnight
102 – Django Reinhardt- Place de Brouckere
– Buck Clayton (with Hal Singer) – Buck Clayton and Friends
– Kid Ory- At the Théatre des Champs-Elysées
105 – Sonny Stitt- Sits In with the Oscar Peterson Trio
– Guy Lafitte – Blues
107 – Stan Getz/Michel Legrand – Communications ’72
108 – Sammy Price – Good Paree
109 – George Wein – Midnight Concert at the Olympia
110 – Raymond Fol – Echoes of Harlem

111 – Maurice Vander – Piano Jazz
112 – Henri Crolla/Hubert Rostang/André Hodeir – Jazz et Cinéma Volume Vol. 5
113 – Stéphane Grapelli – The Nearness of You (See “Boxed Compilations Sets” below)

Note: Those last 10 reissues (up to No. 112) were also supposed to be the last reissues in the series. The editors stated that there was no more material in the vaults to be released. Since then, No. 113 has been added and a bunch of “out of series” double-CDs appeared (see below). There have also been a slew of boxed sets (see below). One could say that Universal France is milking this excellent series for what it’s worth.


Out of Series (2CDs each)

Out of Series (2CDs each)

001 – Sacha Distel – Jazz Guitarist
– Bill Coleman – The Complete Philips Recordings
– Jean Claude Fohrenbach – Fohrenbach French Sound
– Henri Crolla – Le Long Des Rues
005 – Jean-Marie Alain – Afterblue
– Anachronic Jazz Band – Anthropology
007 – Bernard Peiffer: Improvision
008 – Rhoda Scott: Paris-New York
009 – Ivan Jullien: Complete Riviera Recordings
010 – Boulou Ferré: Complete Barclay Recordings
011 – Dominique Cravic/Roussin/Varis: Cordes et Lames

(Minor issues: Volumes 04 and 06 have different volume information on front (04 Crolla, and o6 Anachronic) and back (04 Anachronic and 06 Crolla) cover. When they were first offered on Amazon.fr, two volumes displayed “Hors Série 05” and the front covers must have been fixed in a hurry by Universal Music France. I’ve gone with the front cover information because that one seems to have been brought into line. Additionally, the Anachronic Jazz Band has a clear digipak inside tray whereas all the others in this series are white. )


Boxed Compilation Sets (3CDs each)

Boxed Compilation Sets (3CDs each).

001 – Jazz in Paris: Champs-Elysées (1917-1949)
002 – Jazz in Paris: Montmatre (1924-1939)
003 – Jazz in Paris: Saint-Germain-des-Prés (1946 – 1956)
004 – Jazz in Paris: Rive Gauche, Rive Droite (1956-1959)

Jazz in Paris: Rare Complete Box.Note: The above four boxed sets were repackaged into one Deluxe boxed set (12 CDs) as well, often sold online with the add-on tag “Deluxe Edition”. As publication date, December 2007 is usually given.

Apparently, it has all the contents of the four boxes listed below plus, as far as I understand, one more booklet/book. If anyone has this set, I’d love to hear if there is an extra book/booklet along. I would assume that they added some sort of slim extras to entice people into buying this pricey box.

Content of the above 4 boxed compilation sets (and the Deluxe box):

Jazz In Paris: Box I
Champs Elysees 1917-1949

01. Toison d’Or/Holidays – Jean Cocteau
02. Mood Indigo – Garland Wilson
03. I’m Leavin’ For Albany – Josephine Baker
04. J’Ai Deux Amours – Sam Wooding
05. Farewell Blues – Benny Carter
06. Josette – Orchestre Musette Swing Royal
07. L’OEil Noir – Joseph Reinhardt
08. Loin – Le Quintette Francais
09. Palm Beach – Andre Ekyan
10. 67 Rue Couperin – Christian Bellest
11. Michou – Michel Warlop
12. Minor Blues – Django Reinhardt
13. Danse Norvégienne – Django Reinhardt
14. Swamp Mist – Rex Stewart
15. I’m Confessin’ – Rex Stewart
16. Laura – Don Byas
17. Somebody Loves Me – The New Stars Of The Hot Club De France
18. Mad Monk – Tyree Glenn
19. Nicole – Howard McGhee
20. Convulsions – James Moody
21. Margie – Sidney Bechet
22. St. James Infirmary – Bill Coleman

01. Jumpin’ at Pleyel – Bill Coleman
02. Stompin’ at the Savoy – Bernard Peiffer
03. Venez Donc Chez Moi – Henri Renaud
04. Chasin’ Sarah – Ronnell Bright
05. Swing 42 – Stephane Grappelli
06. Vega Blues – Andre Ekyan
07. Tire, Tire l’Aiguille – Mary Lou Williams
08. Sweet And Lovely – Dizzy Gillespie
09. Sad Walk – Chet Baker
10. What Is Thing Called Love? – Art Simmons
11. Night In Tunisia, A – Buddy Banks
12. Cherokee – Raymond Fol
13. Blue Rondo A La Turk – Elek Bacsik
14. Down In The Depths On The 90th Floor – Blossom Dearie
15. Man I Love, The – Jack Dieval
16. Trombones A Tout Faire – Michel Legrand

01. Florence Sur Les Champs-Elysees – Miles Davis
02. Bag’s Groove – Eddy Louiss
03. Dance Of The Infidels – Art Blakey
04. Moment’s Notice – Slide Hampton
05. Meeting – Rene Thomas
06. Three Little Words – Lester Young
07. Blues On The Champs-Elysees – Joe Newman
08. Blue Lester – Maurice Vander
09. When The World Was Young – Stan Getz
10. That’s All – Sarah Vaughan

Jazz In Paris: Box II
Montmartre 1924-1939

01. Saint Louis Blues – Louis Armstrong
02. Will You, Won’t You Be My Baby? – Louis Armstrong
03. Super Tiger Rag – Louis Armstrong
04. Song Of The Vipers – Louis Armstrong
05. On The Sunny Side Of The Street – Louis Armstrong
06. Wo Ist Der Mann? – Marlene Dietrich
07. I Got Rhythm – Freddy Johnson
08. Harlem Bound – Freddy Johnson
09. Grabbin’ Blues – Arthur Briggs
10. Japanese Sandman – Arthur Briggs
11. Novel Pets – Michel Warlop
12. Budding Dancers – Michel Warlop
13. China Boy – Danny Polo
14. Montmartre Moan – Danny Polo
15. Trees – Herman Chittison
16. Georgina – Ensemble Swing Du Hot Club Colonial
17. Voyage Au Long Cours – Fredy Jumbo Et Son Ensemble
18. Love Again – Wal-Berg & His Orchestra
19. Phillipe’s Stomp – Orchestre Musette Swing Royal
20. Stumbling – Mitchell’s Jazz Kings

01. Louis Armstrong’s Souvenir Of Django – Louis Armstrong
02. Saint Louis Blues – Stephane Grappelli
03. I’ve Found A New Baby – Stephane Grappelli
04. Jeepers Creepers – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
05. I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
06. Time On My Hands – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
07. Mon Coeur Reste Pres De Toi – Nitta Rette
08. Swing From Paris – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
09. China Boy – Stephane Grappelli
10. Moonglow – Stephane Grappelli
11. It Don’t Mean A Thing – Stephane Grappelli
12. Them There Eyes – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
13. Tea For Two – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
14. Swing 39 – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
15. Limehouse Blues – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
16. Appel Indirect (Appel Direct) – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
17. Billets Doux – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
18. Japanese Sandman – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
19. Twelfth Year – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
20. Hungaria – Quintette Du Hot Club De France
21. Cheri, Est-ce Que Tu M aimes? – Micheline Day

01. Le Bal Du P’tit Jardin – Gus Viseur
02. Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir – Stephane Grappelli
03. Clo’s Blues – Jazz At The Philharmonic…
04. Way You Look Tonight, The – Dizzy Gillespie
05. Stompin’ At The Savoy – Henri Salvador
06. Crazy Blues – Stephane Grappelli
07. Some Of These Days – Charlie Lewis
08. Don’t Be That Way – Alix Combelle
09. I Got Rhythm – Andre Ekyan
10. Crazy Rhythm – Andre Ekyan
11. Night And Day – Bernard Zacharias
12. What Is This Thing Called Love? – Bernard Zacharias
13. Blues Jumped Out and Got Me, The – Bill Coleman
14. Hit That Jive Jack – Louie Williams
15. Mop Mop – Harry Cooper Et Son Orchestre
16. Minor Swing – Les Amis De Django
17. Lorsque Django Jouait – Gus Viseur
18. Tenderly – Bill Coleman
19. Place Blanche – Eddie Barclay
20. Grisbi Blues – Jean Wetzel

Jazz In Paris: Box III
Saint-Germain-Des-Pres 1946-1956

01. Ah! Si J’avias Un Franc Cinquante (Whispering) – Boris Vian
02. Weary Way Blues – Claude Luter
03. Snake Rag – Claude Luter
04. Carolina Shout – Claude Luter
05. Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning – Claude Bolling
06. Dippermouth Blues – Claude Bolling
07. Valentine Stomp – Eddie Bernard
08. It Had To Be You – Sidney Bechet
09. I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me – Sidney Bechet
10. On The Sunny Side Of The Street – Sidney Bechet
11. Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone – Sidney Bechet
12. After You’ve Gone – Sidney Bechet
13. Ooh! Boogie! – Sidney Bechet
14. Baby Won’t You Please Come Home – Sidney Bechet
15. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams – Sidney Bechet
16. Clarinet Marmalade – Albert Nicholas
17. Demi-Tasse – Albert Nicholas
18. Tiger Rag – Jimmy Archey
19. Texas Moaner Blues – Jimmy Archey
20. Mooche, The – Michel Attenoux

01. En Ce Temps-La – Don Byas
02. Deccaphonie – Django Reinhardt
03. Lady Be Good – Bernard Zacharias
04. Blue And Sentimental – Guy LaFitte
05. Flying Home – Peanuts Holland
06. Lester Leaps In – Charlie Singleton
07. Mon Legionnaire – Jean-Claude Fohrenbach
08. Nuages – Django Reinhardt
09. Gift For the Club – Buck Clayton
10. I’m Coming Virginia – Bill Coleman
11. Alembert’s – Henri Crolla
12. Le Chaland Qui Passe – Jean-Claude Fohrenbach
13. I Only Have Eyes For You – Michel De Villers
14. Nearness Of You, The – Stephane Grappelli
15. These Foolish Things – Henri Crolla
16. Anouman – Django Reinhardt
17. Nuits De Saint-Germain-Des-Pres – Django Reinhardt

01. Al La Bud – Rene Urtreger Trio
02. Don’t Touch The Grisbi – Bernard Peiffer
03. Minor Drops – Bobby Jaspar
04. You’re A Lucky Guy – Clifford Brown
05. Samakoutra – Maurice Meunier
06. Marcel Le Fourrerur – The Modern Jazz Group Tentet
07. Devil’s Dream – Pierre Michelot
08. Le Calife – Christian Chevallier
09. Half Nelson – Hubert Fol/Sacha Distel
10. There’s A Small Hotel – Chet Baker
11. They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Hubert Fol
12. Somebody Loves Me – Gerard Gustin
13. If I Had You – Bernard Peiffer
14. I’ve Found A New Baby – Zoot Sims/Henri Renaud
15. L’Imbecile – Rene Thomas
16. Black Bottom – Armand Migiani
17. Tasty Pudding – Chet Baker

Jazz In Paris: Box IV
Rive Gauche, Rive Droite 1956-1959

01. Minou Drouet Stomp – Michel Attenoux
02. Menilmontant – Barney Wilen
03. Stewin’ Up A Wig – Lucky Thompson
04. Impulsion Pour Toi – Jean Bonal
05. Sous Les Ponts De Paris – Pierre Michelot
06. Une Nuit Au Violon – Jean-Luc Ponty
07. Phenil Isopropilamine – Bobby Jaspar
08. Lorre – Errol Parker
09. Django – Stephane Grappelli
10. Nearness Of You, The – Jack Dieval
11. Overdose – Daniel Humair
12. Sent For You Yesterday – Alix Combelle
13. Fumee Aux Yeux – Michel De Villers
14. Willow Weep For Me – Toots Thielemans
15. We’ll Be Together Again – Sonny Criss
16. Brigitte Strip Blues – Georges Arvanitas
17. Surprise Partie Au Bord De L’eau – Alain Goraguer
18. La Mort – Martial Solal

01. Les Oignons – Sidney Bechet
02. Flying At The Olympia – Lionel Hampton
03. Hello Dolly – Louis Armstrong
04. On The Sunny Side Of The Street – Harold Nicholas
05. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea – June Richmond
06. Parisian Thoroughfare – Quincy Jones & His Orchestra
07. Bluesette – Rhoda Scott
08. Lil’ Darlin – Cootie Williams
09. Les Tricheurs – Jazz At The Philharmonic…
10. Mic’s Jump – Jazz At The Philharmonic…
11. Blues Walk, The – Donald Byrd
12. Liberte – Max Roach
13. Blues March – Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

01. Generique – Miles Davis
02. Concerto No. 2, L’Ete – Raymond Fol
03. Bess You Is My Woman Now – Eddy Louiss
04. Milt Jackson’s Tahiti – Kenny Clarke
05. Crazy Rhythm – Lionel Hampton
06. Stomp, Look And Listen – Swing Machine
07. Makin’ Whoopee – Oscar Peterson/Stephane Grappelli
08. Blues In The Dungeon – Stuff Smith/Stephane Grappelli
09. Lucky T. – Sammy Price/Lucky Thompson
10. Twins, The – Cat Anderson/Claude Bolling
11. Paul – Cat Anderson/Claude Bolling
12. Pentacostal Feeling – Lou Bennett/Donald Byrd


Stéphane Grappelli: Stéphane Grappelli in Paris

Grappelli in Paris.

This boxed set collects CDs Nos. 30, 31, 42, 56, 82 and 87 (see list above) and adds a new CD, No. 113 (“The Nearness of You”), recorded in April and May of 1955 (in Paris, of course).


“From Belgium with Love”

From Belgium with Love.

This boxed set with 5 single CDs in a cardboard box collects CDs Nos. 16 (Rene Thomas – Real Cat), 17 (Toots Thielemans – Blues pour Flirter), 27 (Bobby Jaspar – Modern Jazz au Club Saint Germain), 88 (Gus Viseur – De Clinchy à Broadway), 102 (Django Reinhardt- Place de Brouckere).

Content of “From Belgium with Love”

CD 01 (Gus Viseur – De Clinchy à Broadway)
01. Bal du P’tit Jardin
02. Jeannette
03. Victor
04. Paso del Fuego
05. Ballade Rabouine
06. 5 Juin
07. Nuages
08. Lorsque Django Jouait
09. Swing Valse
10. Flambée Montalbanaise
11. 46ème Avenue
12. Geneviève
13. Paris Je T’Aime
14. Ménilmontant
15. Quel Temps Fait-il à Paris?
16. Revoir Paris

CD 02 (Bobby Jaspar – Modern Jazz au Club Saint Germain)
01. Bag’s Groove
02. Memory of Dick
03. Milestones
04. Minor Drops
05. I’ll Remember April
06. You Stepped out of a Dream
07. I Can’t Get Started (With You)
08. Night in Tunisia

CD 03 (Toots Thielemans – Blues pour flirter)
01. Winter in Madrid
02. Willow Weep for Me
03. Satin Doll
04. Bag’s Groove
05. We’ll Be Together Again
06. Hot Toddy
07. Try a Little Tenderness
08. Talk to Me
09. Trottoir
10. Honeysuckle Rose
11. Flirt

CD 04 (René Thomas – Real Cat)
01. L’imbécile
02. How About You?
03. All the Things You Are
04. Relaxin’ at the Grand Balcon
05. Continental
06. There Will Never Be Another You
07. Lover Man
08. If I Had You
09. Shine
10. My Old Flame
11. Goodnight, Wherever You Are
12. Easy to Love
13. Real Cat
14. Someone to Watch Over Me
15. Get Happy
16. Night in Tunisia

CD 05 (Django Reinhardt- Place de Brouckere)
01. Vous et Moi
02. Distraction
03. Blues en Mineur
04. Studio 24
05. Place de Brouckère
06. Seul Ce Soir
07. Mixture
08. Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schon
09. Divine Beguine
10. Nuages
11. Djangology
12. Eclats de Cuivres
13. Django Rag
14. Dynamisme
15. Tons D’ebène
16. Chez Moi a Six Heures


“Jazz in Paris: 50 Reasons To Love Paris”

50 Reasons To Love Paris.

This is a 50-track compilation of previously issued titles from the series.

Content of “Jazz in Paris: 50 Reasons To Love Paris”

CD 01:
01. A Parisian Thoroughfare (QUINCY JONES)
02. Olympia Orgy (SACHA DISTEL)
04. Parisian Sketches (MAX ROACH)
05. Eiffel Tower (SAMMY PRICE)
06. Swing From Paris (DJANGO REINHARDT)
07. La Parisienne (HENRI CROLLA)
08. Ménilmontant (GUS VISEUR)
09. April In Paris (CHARLIE LEWIS)
10. Sous Le Ciel De Paris (MICHEL LEGRAND)
11. Midday On The Champs Elysées (BERNARD PEIFFER)
12. Paris In The Spring (MICHEL LEGRAND)
13. Montmartre Loan (DANNY POLO)
14. Sous Les Ponts De Paris (PIERRE MICHELOT)
15. Swingin Parisian Rhythm (BARNEY WILEN)
16. Parisian Thoroughfare (DONALD BYRD)
17. Flying At The Olympia (LIONEL HAMPTON)

CD 02:
01. Menilmontant (BARNEY WILEN)
02. Alembert’s (HENRI CROLLA)
03. Paris Je T’Aime (GUS VISEUR)
04. Parisian Thoroughfare (LE JAZZ GROUPE DE PARIS)
05. Champs Elysees Club (HUBERT ROSTAING)
06. Jumpin’ At Pleyel (BILL COLEMAN)
07. Sous Les Ponts De Paris (MICHEL LEGRAND)
08. April In Paris (BLOSSOM DEARIE)
09. I Made You Love Paris (MARY LOU WILLIAMS)
10. Montparnasse (SAMMY PRICE)
12. Nuits De Saint Germain Des Prés (DJANGO REINHARDT)
13. Relaxin’ At The Grand Balcon (RENÉ THOMAS)
14. Moulin Rouge (MICHEL LEGRAND)
15. Blues À La Schola (CHARLIE SINGLETON)
16. Blues On The Champs-Elysées (JOE NEWMAN)
17. Pigalle Love (MEMPHIS SLIM)

CD 03:
01. Florence Sur Les Champs-Élysées (MILES DAVIS)
02. The Last Time I Saw Paris (MICHEL LEGRAND)
03. Montparnasse Jump (DANNY POLO & SWING STARS)
04. Good Paree (SAMMY PRICE)
05. Paris Blues (SAMMY PRICE)
06. Paris Canaille (MICHEL LEGRAND)
07. Swing From Paris (HENRI CROLLA)
08. Revoir Paris (GUS VISEUR)
09. Place Blanche (EDDIE BARCLAY)
10. Quel Temps Fait-Il A Paris (GUS VISEUR)
11. I Love Paris (MICHEL LEGRAND)
12. Parisian Thoroughfare (RENÉ URTREGER)
13. Ballad In Paris (BERNARD PEIFFER)
14. Le Bal Du P’tit Jardin (GUS VISEUR)
15. April In Paris (MICHEL LEGRAND)
16. Embassy Boogie (SAMMY PRICE)


“Best of” Sampler: “Jazz in Paris: The 100’s Most Beautiful Melodies”

The Most Beautiful Melodies.

Officially published on December 4th, 2006, this sampler – somewhat strangely-titled “Jazz In Paris : The 100‘s most beautiful melodies” – contains 5 CDs with 100 of the best tracks from the entire “Jazz in Paris” run. It was later reissued again in a metal box version (with rounded corners).

Content of “Jazz in Paris : The 100s Most Beautiful Melodies”

CD 01
01. Generique – Davis, Miles
02. Man I Love – Zacharias, Bernard
03. Continental – Dearie, Blossom
04. They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Fol, Hubert
05. Stompin’ At The Savoy – Salvador, Henri
06. Fine And Dandy – Reinhardt, Django
07. Cherokee – Michelot, Pierre
08. This Can’t Be Love – Criss, Sonny
09. Nearness Of You – Dieval, Jack
10. Laura – Byas, Don
11. Yesterdays – Banks, Buddy
12. My Heart Belongs To Daddy – Grappelli, Stephane
13. No Greater Love – Hines, Earl ‘Fatha’
14. Scoubidou – Bey, Andy
15. Who Is Me – Peiffer, Bernard & His Saint Germain Orchestra
16. Begin The Beguine – Crolla, Henri
17. Blue Moon – Gillespie, Dizzy
18. Carioca – Williams, Mary Lou
19. What Is This Thing Called Love – Simmons, Art
20. Baby Won’t You Please Come Home – Price, Sammy

CD 02
01. Swing 39 – Reinhardt, Django
02. Body And Soul – Grappelli, Stephane
03. Minor Swing – Crolla, Henri
04. Autumn Leaves – Peterson, Oscar & Stephane Grappelli/Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen/Kenny Clarke
05. Stella By Starlight – Goraguer, Alain
06. Caravan – Peiffer, Bernard
07. Parisian Thoroughfare – Jazz Groupe De Paris
08. Summertime – Baker, Chet
09. Sweet And Lovely – Gillespie, Dizzy
10. Hallelujah – Hines, Earl ‘Fatha’
11. Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone – Clayton, Buck
12. It Had To Be You – Bechet, Sidney & His Feetwarmers
13. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea – Richmond, June
14. Satin Doll – Scott, Rhoda & Kenny Clarke
15. Angel Eyes – Louiss, Eddie
16. I Remember Clifford – Hampton, Slide
17. Nica – Roach, Max
18. Night In Tunisia – Thomas, Rene
19. Nuages – Thomas, Rene
20. Misty – Vaughan, Sarah

CD 03
01.’Round Midnight – Distel, Sacha
02. September Song – Reinhardt, Django & Quintette Du Hot Club De France
03. La Bride Sur Le Cou – Arvanitas, Georges
04. God Bless The Child – Criss, Sonny
05. Lover Man (live) – Newman, Joe
06. Surrey With The Fringe On Top – Dearie, Blossom
07. My Funny Valentine – Simmons, Art
08. Over The Rainbow – Bacsik, Elek
09. I Want To Talk About You – Ponty, Jean-Luc
10. That’s My Desire – Holland, Peanuts
11. These Foolish Things – De Villers, Michel
12. Blue And Sentimental – Gillespie, Dizzy
13. Melodie Pour Les Radio Taxies – Wilen, Barney
14. Georgia On My Mind – Byas, Don
15. Lullaby Of The Leaves – Thompson, Lucky
16. There’s A Small Hotel – Williams, Mary Lou
17. My Old Flame – Thomas, Rene
18. Willow Weep For Me – Thielemans, Jean ‘Toots’
19. Autumn In New York – Jaspar, Bobby
20. I Can’t Get Started (live in Paris 1959) – Young, Lester

CD 04
01. When It’s Sleepy Time Down South (live) – Armstrong, Louis
02. Kiss To Build A Dream On (live) – Armstrong, Louis
03. Blues March (live at the Olympia 1958) – Blakey, Art
04. Manha De Carnaval (live in Paris 1966) – Getz, Stan Quartet
05. On Green Dolphin Street (live in Paris 1966) – Getz, Stan Quartet
06. Clo’s Blues – Hawkins, Coleman
07. Manoir De Mes Reves – Reinhardt, Django Et Ses Rhythmes
08. April In Paris – Legrand, Michel
09. Django – Grappelli, Stephane
10. Night And Day – Byas, Don
11. On The Sunny Side Of The Street – Nicholas, Harold
12. I Got Rhythm – Price, Sammy & Doc Cheatham
13. Honeysuckle Rose – Smith, Willie ‘The Lion’
14. La Vie En Rose – Legrand, Michel
15. Vamp – Wilen, Barney & Kenny Clarke/Percy Heath/Milt Jackson
16. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be – Bright, Ronnell
17. After You’ve Gone – Bechet, Sidney & His Feetwarmers
18. How High The Moon – Grappelli, Stephane & Stuff Smith
19. We’ll Be Together Again – Criss, Sonny
20. Stormy Weather – Byas, Don

CD 05
01. I’ll Remember April – Baker, Chet
02. Bouncing With Bud – Urtreger, Rene
03. Indiana (Back Home Again In Indiana) – Meunier, Maurice
04. Basin Street Blues – Nicholas, Albert
05. Sweet Georgia Brown – Briggs, Arthur & Freddie Johnson
06. I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me – Bechet, Sidney & His French Band
07. St Louis Blues – Armstrong, Louis
08. Them There Eyes – Reinhardt, Django
09. Swing 42 – Crolla, Henri
10. Swing Valse – Viseur, Gus
11. Swanee River – Archey, Jimmy & Michel Attenoux Orchestra
12. Cheek To Cheek – Peiffer, Bernard Trio
13. I’ve Got The World On A String – Lafitte, Guy
14. Misterioso – Jaspar, Bobby
15. Generique – Blakey, Art
16. Don’t Blame Me – Criss, Sonny
17. Elephant Green – Michelot, Pierre
18. Moment’s Notice – Hampton, Slide
19. Les Tricheurs – Getz, Stan
20. Florence Sur Les Champs Elysees – Davis, Miles


10th Anniversary 3-CD Sets

10th Anniversary.

In 2010, Universal France reissued some of the material from the above reissues in themed or single-artist 3-CD sets for the “Jazz in Paris 10th Anniversary”. These were:

01. Louis Armstrong: A French Love Affair
02. Henri Crolla: The Jazz Sides
03. Stéphane Grappelli: Stéphane Grappelli and Friends
04. Lionel Hampton: Paris Vibes
05. Django Reinhardt: Swing From Paris
06. Various Artists: Modern Jazz on the Left Bank
07. Various Artists: Bebop
08. Various Artists: Classic Jazz at St. Germain
09. Various Artists: Piano Aux Champs Élysées


Jazz in Paris: “Collector’s Edition”

Collector’s Edition.

In 2010, Universal returned to the “Jazz in Paris” reissue series and started releasing a “Collector’s Edition”, often duplicating reissues from the original series above, adding extra material to some or releasing new ones entirely. All of these were reissued with their original LP covers and therefore look completely different from most of the reissues listed above which had a unique/generic layout.

If you think that is confusing, here’s what’s currently (April 2012) available (new/added material in bold).

First batch (alphabetically):

  1. Elek Bacsik – Guitar Conceptions (reissue of JiP #15)
  2. Chet Baker – And His Quintet with Bobby Jaspar (from various editions of the Barclay sessions)
  3. Art Blakey – Paris Jam Session (reissue of JiP #40)
  4. Ronnell Bright – The Ronnell Bright Trio (reissue of 1/2 of JiP #61″)
  5. Donald Byrd – Byrd In Paris (reissue of JiP #4)
  6. Donald Byrd – Parisian Thoroughfare (reissue of JiP #5)
  7. Bill Coleman – From Boogie to Funk (reissue of JiP #7)
  8. Sonny Criss – Mr Blues Pour Flirter (reissue of JiP #23, plus most of the Sonny Criss tracks from JiP #55)
  9. Stéphane Grappelli – Django (reissue of JiP #87)
  10. Lionel Hampton – And His French New Sound Vol. 1 (reissue of JiP #45)
  11. Lionel Hampton – And His French New Sound Vol. 2 (reissue of JiP #44)
  12. Slide Hampton – Exodus (reissue of JiP #10)
  13. Bobby Jaspar – Modern Jazz au Club Saint Germain (reissue of JiP #27)
  14. Quincy Jones – I Dig Dancers (new reissue)
  15. Guy Lafitte – Blue and Sentimental (reissue of JiP #24)
  16. Michel Legrand – Paris Jazz Piano (reissue of JiP #32)
  17. Maurice Meunier – And His Orchestra (reissue of 1/2 of JiP #54)
  18. Pierre Michelot – Round About a Bass (reissue of JiP #29)
  19. Bernard Peiffer – Piano Et Rythmes (reissue of JiP #93)
  20. Jean-Luc Ponty – Jazz Long Playing (reissue of JiP #43)
  21. Django Reinhardt – The Great Artistry of Django Reinhardt (reissue of JiP #91)
  22. Max Roach – Parisian Sketches (reissue of JiP #96)
  23. Willie Smith – Willie The Lion Smith (reissue of JiP #64)
  24. Toots Thielemans – Blues Pour Flirter (reissue of JiP #17)
  25. René Thomas – And His Orchestra (reissue of JiP #16)
  26. Lucky Thompson – Modern Jazz Group (reissue of JiP #28)
  27. René Urtreger – Joue Bud Powell (reissue of JiP #67)
  28. Sarah Vaughan – Sarah Vaughan à Paris (reissue of JiP #83 plus four alternate takes)
  29. Various Artists:Jazz At The Philharmonic – Les Tricheurs (reissue of parts of JiP #50 plus never before released tracks)
  30. Various Artists: Jazz Boom N°1 (new reissue)

Second Batch (alphabetically):

  1. Art Blakey – Olympia Concert (reissue of JiP #69)
  2. Miles Davis – Ascenseur pour l’echafaud (reissue of JiP #3)
  3. Blue Stars – Pardon My English (reissue of JiP #19, includes the Blue Stars EP from JiP #94, but not the Henri Salvador-EP from JiP #19)
  4. Nathan Davis – Rules of Freedom (new reissue)
  5. Stephane Grappelli et son sextette (reissue of JiP #113)
  6. Eddy Louiss – Orgue (new reissue)
  7. Art Simmons Quartet (reissue of JiP #61 plus eight new tracks)
  8. Memphis Slim / Willie Dixon aux Trois Mailletz (reissue of JiP #36)
  9. Barney Wilen – Jazz sur Seine (reissue of JiP #26)
  10. Zoot Sims & Henri Renaud – Night Session in Paris (tracks 1-4 from JiP #25 plus a reissue of the Ducretet-Thomson album from another reissue series, “Americans Swinging in Paris”)


Special Items

Jazz in Paris: 10-inch EP.

001 10-in LP ‘Cool Jazz A Saint-Germain des Prés’
(tracks by Armand Migiani and Michel de Villers).
Limited Edition Release, December 2005.
002 Jazz in Paris Remixed, DVD
003 Jazz in Paris: Sampler (980-691-8).
Includes catalog presenting issues 1-102 plus the Sacha Distel “out of series” reissue.


Links to Other Sites

There is an excellent page on the MusicBrainz Wiki based on the list I provided here, put together by MXS, and it is more extensive as it lets you check out the contents of each CD. This series is being discussed on the organissimo forums as well, and some of the information on this page was taken from the “Jazz in Paris” thread, as I don’t have, for example, any of the “Collector’s Editions”.

Last updated: Sunday, July 15, 2012.

  1. I just picked up a copy of number 11 (Django et Compagnie) in a music store and while googling for the coverart I found this site, and oh my god.. after seeing your BEAUTIFUL collection I”m pretty sure i”ll try to collect them all as well. Do you have some mor info on the boxed compilations? are they still available in stores or were they only briefly produced?  Anyway thanks for the inspiration, I know what to do for the next couple of years…. 🙂


  2. Some searching in an online shop from belgium showed me a compilation called “Jazz In Paris -5cd Box- 100 Most Beautiful Melodies”, Just saying as it’s not on your list.. maybe you already knew about it. 🙂


  3. Daan,

    The new one will be listed here when I have it. 🙂 Should be any day now.


  4. [Addendum] I’ve added an extra statement that the most recent batch is supposed to be the last one and I added a reference to the 5-CD compilation of the 100 best tracks from the entire “Jazz in Paris” run.


  5. Thank you so much for providing this list.  I’ve bought about ten or twelve of the albums in the set so far, and thanks to your list I’ll have a way to keep track of which ones to continue looking for. 

    Thanks again,



  6. Vanessa,

    thanks for stopping by.  If you only have 10 to twelve albums from this series, you’ve got quite a bit of spending ahead of you. 😉

    I have thousands of CDs, but the JiP series is one I return to again, and again, and again.

    As far as I can tell, there are no more releases forthcoming. The people in charge have stated time and again that they have no more sessions hidden away in vaults anywhere. So, the list is, as far as I can tell, complete and final.

    Enjoy the series and – if you like – post some impressions here of any CD you particularly enjoyed (and why). I’m sure other readers (several 100.000 have read this page so far) would appreciate it.

    Best to you!



  7. Í’ve got about 40 of this series. Haven’t found a dud yet. Is there some place I might source the rest?


  8. use english is very complex for me!
    You don’t have “50 reasons to love Paris” 3CD (~= 20 € Virgin France)


  9. Loïc,

    I’ll update the list when I get around to updating several older posts that need updating. Thanks for the heads up!


  10. @ Phil Sorry, no idea. I’d hunt around the bigger North-American online sites to see where I could find them cheap. Because I have the entire series, I haven’t looked for cheap offers for ages.


  11. I have just completed the purchase of my missing 4th Box Set Jazz in Paris: Vol 2 Montmatre from the Walmart Website at very reasonable price.

    Can’t source the 75 & 25 Boxes as yet – too expensive


  12. Has this series been revived? AMG lists a new one by Stephane Grappelli, “The Nearness of You” as a 2008 release which appears to coincide with the release of a 7-cd box reissuing other volumes in the series by the violinist. Are there other individual releases due out this year?


  13. @ Greg Mo
    I just ordered the Grappelli and it seems to double most of what has already been in the first two JiP batches plus at least 1 disc with extra material. I’ll post here once I have it (amazon.fr said 3-5 weeks delivery, meaning it’s probably not even out yet).



  14. Volkher:

    You’re ordering the new 7-cd box. The single cd I was talking about, “The Nearness of You,” appears to reissue the seventh disc in that box. It’s out of stock right now at Dusty Groove. Hope it comes in soon–hard to get on this side of the ocean! I envy you!

    Greg Mo


  15. Hi, thanks for putting up this information – I’ve searched all over the internet for details about the Jazz in Paris series and haven’t found anything of value yet.

    I’ve purchased a number of individual cds from the series over the years and have enjoyed them so much that I just ordered the 75 and 25 cd box sets.

    What additional discs do I need to have to complete the collection? Do the 3 cd box sets listed below contain tracks that are not in the first 100 discs, or are these compilations?


    001 Jazz in Paris: Champs-Elysées (1917-1949)
    002 Jazz in Paris: Montmatre (1924-1939)
    003 Jazz in Paris: Saint-Germain-des-Prés (1946 – 1956)
    004 Jazz in Paris: Rive Gauche, Rive Droite (1956-1959)


  16. Brad, I sent you a rather huge mail with the JiP catalogue (Vols. 01-100) attached (30K). I also tried to include some quick (probably inaccurate) answers … I’m on the road right now. (BTW: mail is from some dude called zerotolerance). 😉


  17. I’ve updated this post to reflect the new additions to this series (check under “Out of Series” above, towards the end of the post). Also, please read the attached note.

    I’ve ordered all three, but only one is on its way here. The others are pre-ordered.


  18. Volkher,

    Thanks for keeping this valuable list up to date. Wouldn’t the new Stephane Grappelli “The Nearness of You” be listed as #113 in the single disc series? I don’t have it yet (grrrr!), but that would make sense! It’s great that they are continuing the series!

    greg mo


  19. Greg mo,

    Stephane Grappelli “The Nearness of You” is positively #113, I received it yesterday. In the notes, however, they write that JIP is a 112 disc serie…


  20. Yes, I’ll add the Grappelli one. I forgot to because I bought the collector’s box that time and just shelved it.

    @greg mo: I was a member of that forum and you’ll find some posts of mine in the JiP thread. 🙂

    I’m also updating the info on the new CDs. As it turns out, the covers were completely off: Henri Crolla is No. 04 and Alain Jean-Marie No. 05. Although I haven’t received the third one yet. I guess it’ll be No. 06.


  21. Volkher,

    Thanks again. This list is a valuable resource. Now, if all of these (including the Grappelli) were only easily available in the U.S.!

    greg mo


  22. This is the best resource on the “Jazz in Paris” series on the web! Thank you for the great resource. Just ordered the 75 and 25 cd sets and looking forward to filling in the gaps with the last in the series. Wish the Chet Bkaer “Wings” volume was easier to find (deleted from catalog for copyright). Warm Regards (-)Common in New York


  23. PS
    Volkher, can you pls email me catalogue as well ? (-)Common


  24. @endofcommon

    I’ll send it to you … if I can find it again. :/ Right now, it seems to reside on any one of 12 1TB drives. So, might take a while (until my next round of backups), but as soon as it pops up, it’ll be heading your way. Promise.


  25. I added the track listings for the Jazz in Paris boxed sets so you can see what’s on there.

    Additional note: Although it is a minor issue, I just had another look at my copy of the out-of-series double CD “Henri Crolla: Le long des rues” and noticed that whereas the cover says “Hors-Série 04”, on the back it says “Hors-Serie 06”. As amazon.fr also had screwy covers on display when I last looked (two of these new double-CDs sprouted the same volume number), I guess they fixed some errors rather quickly (and not completely).

    I’m expecting the “Anachronic Jazz Band: Anthropology” (which should be volume 06) tomorrow. Let’s see what it says there.

    I’ve uploaded the JiP catalog to Rapidshare. You can download it from there (for now):


    The catalog (French) covers volumes 01-101.


  26. I have received the last of the new CDs.
    Just as I thought, the covers were fixed but the volume information on the back wasn’t:

    So, whereas on the cover, Henri Crolla is volume 04, Jean-Marie Alain is volume 05 and Anachronic Jazz Band is volume 06, on the back, Anachronic Jazz Band is volume 04, Jean-Marie Alain is volume 05 and Henri Crolla is volume 06.

    A minor issue. I’ll go with the cover info and sort the entries accordingly above.


  27. Hello Volkher,
    You have an incredible assortment of material. I just watched the films on youtube of the Anachronic Jazz Band. I used to own their two LP’s but unfortunately lost them.
    Can you supply me with that material. Also let me know how I can pay and how much that would come to.
    I am a jazz cornettist from Canada and I have lots of films on youtube as well. Check me out under erwigfilms or I even have more films at dailymotion based in Paris. under boberwig
    Thanks for a reply.
    Bob Erwig in Canada


  28. Bob,
    let me know how it turned out with your order.
    Did you already get it?
    Satisfied with the purchase?



  29. Hi Volkher,

    Great job!
    Thanks you for updating this page, it helps me to make this page http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Series/Jazz_in_Paris especially for the discs >100 and the Boxed Compilation Sets (which seems to have been released only in the US)

    Cheers from France


  30. This page has now found a permanent new home “at the top” of my site. That means a) that I removed the initial post and turned it into a permanent page on my website, b) that Google will need a while to pick it up again and c) that old links or bookmarks might not work anymore. If you receive a notification about a new comment here, things did work.

    I have also added “From Belgium with Love“, a 5-CD box in the “Jazz in Paris” series that I hadn’t been aware of. It’s just a repackaging of five previously available CDs in the series … so no need to whip out your wallet once again.

    I’m still investigating very reliable rumors that at some point, Universal re-packaged the four compilation boxed sets into one big one. I might add a note about it on this page and then expand on it once I get solid confirmation with a link, a photo or whatever.


  31. I’ve added a comment about the tin box version of “The 100’s Most Beautiful Melodies”.


  32. I own Jazz in Paris 001-101. Just found out on the net of the existance of
    102-112 + HS01-HS06.
    Would love to complete this magnificent serie. Can anybody tell me whether
    the HS albums contain material from 001-112? What about the availability??
    (especially 102-112 of course)
    Thanks for answers.


  33. The HS albums do not contain music from 001-101. They also have a slightly different layout.

    I would check on the various Amazon sites (or others that you prefer) re the availability of these.

    Don’t forget to have a look at http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Series/Jazz_in_Paris (link is above your comment) to get more info.

    Good huntin’.



  34. I am VERY happy to see your site back up! Thank you for your work on this…. I just completed collecting the entire original releases of the 1st 113 CDs + box sets….

    Now looking at the new re-release series. Any thoughts?



    1. Dave,

      thanks for remembering livingwithmusic.com. I’m online again after a prolonged phase of sickness and disease and have reentered my real-life job as well. That’s why things are still a bit slow around here.

      I have yet to bring the “Jazz in Paris” page up-to-date, which will happen in a few days.
      I will then also add information and my comments on the new re-release series.

      Because changes to that page will not appear in any feed readers (I think), it would be wise to bookmark it and check middle/end of next week.

      At the moment I’m juggling updates to both the “Jazz in Paris” and “Download Mosaic Discographies” pages in the background.



  35. Very nice reference and clearly the work of someone with genuine passion for the material. Great work! I have acquired a few of the discs over the years and they all seem to have good material to offer even though some are a bit patchy and cobbled together. The two Chet Baker discs I have – ‘Plays Standards’ (50s) and ‘Broken Wing’ (70s) are fantastic and show two very different facets of a great musician in good company with his sidemen.


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