Island Retreat

Just returned from a 3-day all-inclusive stay at a wonderful hotel on an island called “Reichenau” (Lake Constance).

The hotel (“Mein Inselglück“), which opened in April of last year, offers a tremendous price/performance ratio that I have not experienced in so many years. Apparently, they are aiming for a 3+ star rating, but what I experienced was well above that. An absolutely wonderful modern design approach with a decidedly homely atmosphere (yes, the combination works), a broad wellness program and excellent service made this a superior stay for the entire 3-days I was there.

I had booked a winter arrangement for 350 Euro all told, which included a fondue evening (first evening), two three-course dinners (days two and three), excellent breakfast (they actually have fresh tasty bread, which is increasingly difficult to find in Germany), free access to their wellness area, a two-storey “Island Suite” (scroll down a bit for good photos), both free tea and wonderfully tasty free cakes in the afternoon, a communal dinner table (white table) in the restaurant (with fireplace) for those interested, a limited but good and knowledgeable wine selection (I really liked the Sauvignon Cuvee, which I drank exclusively), excellent and non-intrusive room service, extremely friendly personnel all around, plus loads more.

Aspects of the design might not be to every person’s taste (bathroom and toilet are connected via one single glass sliding door  [the use of one excludes the use of the other] as part of an open bathroom embedded into the downstairs room), but I loved it. Modern, colorful and original. Very tasty. I really enjoyed the familial atmosphere. I felt at home within a few minutes. The hotel guests were a cross-section of both young couples and well-situated wellness guests. Children were welcome (and supplied with toys and other amenities).

If you happen to be in the area, do check it out before the prices go up, simply because their service, arrangements and everything else on display are way above what they ask you to pay. Way. 🙂

I’ll be back.

The photo is copyright © “Mein Inselglück“.

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  1. Sounds like a great place. :^)


    1. It was. 🙂


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