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Sometimes I think I should have kept most of my LPs, which I didn’t, but when that thought crosses my mind, I always remember how much space my old record collection took up. When I had LPs only, many years ago, I ended up with a really cheap metal basement shelf system that I could afford but which was also butt-ugly (brown and beige), and it took up an entire wall of my first rather spacious one-room student apartment. I just didn’t have the cash that time to get anything else, and just like today, I favoured investing my money into the music on the shelves instead of the shelf units themselves.

Today I don’t have many LPs left (some I have in storage to be sold one day) and they are housed in my old rock-solid IVAR cupboards. Whenver I come across some interesting posts on music forums discussing LP shelving units though, I always check them out and when I do, I always feel a tinge of regret about having sold or given away such a large part of my old vinyl collection.

Case in point: I came across this reasonably-priced record/LP cabinet/rack which would probably be a pain in the neck to get to Europe, but looks nice, practical and well-made. From what I hear around the Net, the manufacturer, Gothic Cabinet Craft, one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of real wood furniture in the North Eastern United States, comes highly recommended.

Gothic Cabinet Craft have been around since the end 60s and are known for their dedication to affordable quality craftsmanship. Most importantly, owners of these cabinets rave about the quality service and the excellent packaging when these things are shipped cross country.

The Record Cabinet/LP Rack is a sturdy 14″ (depth) * 30″ (width) * 30″ (height) storage solution that comes at the very reasonable price of $99 (birch veneer). Oak veneer will set you back an extra $10, but considering that the retail price is way above what they ask for online, you can basically only win. Although it doesn’t say on their website, the various forum discussions on these cabinets tell me that you can fit about 360 to 370 LPs into one cabinet. Best of all, the rack contains 4 removable dividers that help you prevent your LPs from warping under their own combined weight, a problem many vinyl lovers know all to well.

The units are available unfinished or in the color of your choice and taking the company’s track record into consideration, it is safe to say that you will be able to supplement an initial purchase years later with another unit of the same type and color.

Via their website you can ask for an estimate on a custom solution and from what I’ve heard, things will be completed and shipped to you in a very speedy manner.

So, if you do still have a larger record collection around or if you are someone just getting into (re-)building one, you can’t go wrong with these cabinets … if you live somewhere in North America.

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  1. I was pretty much ready to purchase the LP cabinet from Gothic Cabinets (custom-made with smoke glass doors) but I


  2. JeniQ you can get a one piece stero system. An “old fashion” style turn table w/ built in speakers ( some have cd players/cassette decks ) I have one that I purchased to play 78 ‘s on. It measures 15 x 17; I had it on a 14 x 16 table and like yours it hung over a little but was fine.


  3. Hey great suggestion, I just bought the double cube. They had a floor model, fully painted in dark mahogany, shipped for US$130. It appears deep enough to hold my turntable on top, and I am sure, my cat when it needs a nap.

    Excellent website!


  4. Glad to hear that I could be of help and thanks for the nice words.

    Make sure to play some good music for the cat! 🙂


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