Good Bread

Germany was once, years ago, the country that simply produced the best bread on the planet.

Unfortunately, the cheap-skate attitude of more than 90% of our population – probably 98% by now – has lead to the rapid loss in quality, across the board. Today, in most places anywhere you go, you are served a processed, factory-(pre)-produced “something” that is given a few minutes in some baking shop oven to result in rubbery, tasteless and utterly forgettable crap … and calls itself bread. It won’t last but a few hours in any household before it deteriorates. But, it certainly is cost-efficient, making most of our population happy because whatever is being sold really doesn’t cost more than the small change most people like to drop on the street and forget.

Fortunately, “Die Zeit“, one of Germany’s better newspapers, has created a webpage allowing one to quickly find bakeries that actually still take pride in what they produce (and, it has to be said, have both the stamina and economic resources to fight the increasingly crushing competition of cheap-shit baking shops).

So, if in Germany, consult this page and find what good bread and other items taste like when produced the way they should be produced.

Link (German only, I’m afraid):Hier ist der nächste gute Bäcker“.

Note: Even if you are not German, the page is easy to navigate. Either enter the postal code of the city or town you’re in or simply click into the map to approach your current place of residence. The darker (red) the pin, the more positive mentions a bakery received, but even the ones with lighter pins are still light years above the crappy baking shops that have infested our culture.

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