Just in case you have no idea what that acronym means, it stands for “German American Partnership Program“. I have never actively participated in it, simply because I am the only German without a driver’s license (and would probably be totally lost without one in the States), but I have been able to watch it develop at our school for nearly 21 years, kept alive by a group of extremely dedicated teachers on both sides of the Atlantic and an ever-growing number of students actively involved in it.

What is the most fascinating thing to watch is how close the exchange partners manage to get in such a short time span (we’re talking approximately 4 weeks in the States and, about a year later, 4 weeks in Germany).

When at school, our exchange partners usually walk around school giving presentations in different classes on various topis (besides sitting in on regular classes throughout their stay) and today, spontaneously, we had a presentation on “American Music“. I’m not going to get into that one, but at the end I just wanted to know when they had to leave because I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to be in the beginning or the end of next week.

As it turns out, it’s going to be next Tuesday.

What really signified the success of this program and the personal relationships that have evolved because of it were the face expressions that changed instantly while my question was still reverberating around the classroom.
Actually, I was afraid for a second that tears were going to roll.

If it is any help, I have been following former students of mine for ages, both offline as well as online, and I know that many of the ties established a decade or two ago have been kept alive until today.

May yours fare equally well.

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