I really like Malika Favre’s take on Fuerteventura. It captures the magic of the Canary Islands perfectly.

Have a look at the wonderful single images over on “On the Draw” (website).

About the project: Geometry, plain colours, accented volumes and shadows, movement and stillness, happy solitude. Fuerteventura is a land of fire, desert and sea, an interior landscape where individuals seem to be searching themselves.

Malika applies her stylish and well known style to get the most spiritual side of the island by making use of a limited color palette that includes blue and ochre combinations with white. Landscapes where the human trace is perceptible only as solitary individuals plough towards the sea.

Sky and earth, beach and mountain, men and animals coexisting in an harmonious equilibrium. Paradise is like this.

Note: Don’t forget to also check out at Malika Favre’s website.

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