Finally! My Holy Grail …

Today I finally managed to order a dirt-cheap copy of that one single elusive CD that has been at the top of my want list for several years now, The Siegel-Schwall Band‘s 1971 debut album on Wooden Nickel. This of course only if a) the copy I manged to get for under 10 Euro plays fine, b) actually contains what it is supposed to contain and c) will actually be shipped. I’m not worried though because I’m getting it from a second-hand outfit that is usually very reliable.

The problem is – and was – that outside of The Siegel-Schwall Band’s Vanguard material, which is readily available and which I snatched up as soon as it was released, their Wooden Nickel studio albums are hard to find at affordable (and justifiable) prices. There has always been a limit to what I am willing to pay and this album has been going for nearly $100 whenever I dared check up on it.

Well, now I’ve got all four and I only need the equally elusive “Live: Last Summer” (1974) album, which has also been hovering around $100 for ages.

Unfortunately, I would think that outside of a small group of blues fans, The Siegel-Schwall Band, which was an important part of the 1960s blues revival, is virtually forgotten today, but they were once a cornerstone of my listening experience in the early 70s and, perhaps, the second or third band I really developed an interest in when I was very young. As far as I can recall, “953 West” was the very first album I spent weeks trying to get hold of because already then, where I lived in Germany, it was notoriously hard to find for someone who just didn’t have much more than half a fist full of pocket money. Actually, I had to save for quite a while and then beg for a little more in order to finally purchase it. In that sense, you could say The Siegel-Schwall Band really helped kick off a life-long passion for listening to and collecting music. Little did I know way back when that I would end up with something like 70 or 80 meters 40+ years later.

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