Finally. Here’s to Mr. V.!

It’s taken about 12 years or so, but here it finally is. Now that I have started to pull those memories that are worthwhile from the deep dark recesses of my mind to give them a home here, it was also time to finally give Mr. Anthony Vadala his well-deserved smoky cubicle on the Web. I’ve often written about Mr. V. on various long-buried websites, but my new endeavor here finally offered the opportunity to pull together what I had, contact a person or two to get more and put it out there for the world to see.The idea was simply to both commemorate a person who has had a huge influence on my life, like so many others mentioned here already or who will be featured here in the future, and to make sure that errant searches on the Web for one “Anthony Vadala” or a “Mr. V.” would also turn up that small site for those people, who are looking for their old History and Social Sciences teacher.

Besides this announcement post, I’ve also given a link to the “Anthony Vadala” sub-domain a permanent place in the menu at the top of this page.

Check out the Anthony Vadala Memorial Website.

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