Farm Jazz

In the later 1990s, when I was seriously down on my luck health-wise for the first time, doctors shipped me off to a remote German island for several weeks, trying to get some health back into me. It was the time of portable (especially) Sony CD players, one of which I had along at the time. The problem was – probably due to early stages of dementia – that I had forgotten to take any fodder along for my portable work of wonder.

The tiny island actually had a small music shop and I ended up buying a bunch of CDs (for an arm and a leg) just to have something to keep me busy while I was doing the best I myself could to get everything close to 100% again.

It was a tough time that also made me re-evaluate a lot of things and brought about some fundamental changes in my life.


When I returned home – after close to seven weeks of seclusion – I shelved those CDs and never (ever) listened to them again (for 18 years) because of the memories attached to them. Recently, due to uncovering a photo album depicting those seven weeks, an album that had been stashed away in the furthest recesses of my apartment, I once again pulled out those CDs to give them a cautious spin.

I discovered that I can once again enjoy the music as much as I did way back when.
I guess enough time has passed.


I was still very much in “fusion” mode at the time, something that – for implied reasons above – had been lying dormant these past many years as well – and Larry Carlton’s “Larry Carlton Collection Volume 2” (GRP, 1997) was the first CD I had picked up at said small shop that time.

The one track that uncovers a whole canvas of mixed emotions immediately from that CD is “Farm Jazz” (this version), which is quite a different beast when compared to its 1993 original (Renegade Gentleman, 1993).

Coupled with “March of the Jazz Angels” and “Ridin’ the Treasure“, those tracks, listened to a thousand times, helped get me back on my feet, strange as that may sound.


Note: I’m usually very careful when it comes around to using photos on this small website of mine but this (first) time I actually “borrowed” (=stole) a photo by the wonderful Jim McGuire, just because he manged to capture an image of Larry Carlton that comes so damn close to the image I had in my head when I listened to the above-mentioned upbeat tracks in a seven-week repeat loop. I really hope Mr. McGuire won’t sue me. (Featured image © Jim McGuire | | Jim McGuire Photography)

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