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Online music forums of all types are full of whining people. With that I don’t mean the usual online trolls and freaks, but those that constantly complain that their wallet cannot sustain their addiction to collecting music. One online mail order dealer that usually pops up in these “whiny” posts is Dusty Groove America. They’ve been called “bastards” (followed by a winking smiley) or “Dusty Grave” (followed by five thumbs up), but people have become as addicted to this shop as they have to collecting music.

The constant hyperbole aside ( whatever Dusty Groove sells is always presented in the most positive light), Dusty Groove is perhaps the source for new and old vinyl and CDs for collectors. Of course there are many other online shops, and many of them will be listed here in the near and far future, but Dusty Groove is the one that has a stock you can rely on and seems to stay close to the heart of many collectors. Their website is updated daily and when you order there, you can be sure whatever it is you want is also in stock. The problem is, of course, that you have to be fast because some items are gone in the blink of an eye, with all those “whiners” hanging around there all day long, seemingly with an open browser window, refreshing the page whenever their instinct tells them there might be a new listing.

Dusty Groove is an actual store residing in Chicago, Il. (Dusty Groove Retail Outlet, 1120 N ashland Ave., Chicago, IL, USA; corner of Haddon Street, 1 Block South of Division Street; open to the public every day from 10am to 8pm) and if you live in the area, you can find instructions on how to find them on their site.

Their website offers just about every genre on the planet, but they do specialize somewhat if you look at the categories they offer (always divided into LP and CD sections): Soul/Funk, Jazz, Funky Compilations, Hip Hop, New Grooves, Neo Soul,Deep Funk, Brazil, Soundtracks, Latin, Reggae, Global Grooves, Vocalists, Now Sound, French, Rock, Out Sound, Gospel, and Comedy/Spoken. Of course, you can also get other music-related items such as books and magazines (featuring Straight No Chaser, The Baffler and Roctober), DVD and Videos, Turntables and Equipment and gift certificates.

Generally, items are shipped the same day or the day after payment is received and they offer a slew of shipping options for both the US and international customers. Do note though that if you have to pay import or sales taxes in your country, Dusty Groove will not be so kind as to write “gift” on the customs declaration for you. They are a serious business and it is up to you to take care of all customs and handling charges.

Dusty Groove has an excellent reputation amongst collectors and you can order there with confidence.

Dusty Groove Website
Dusty Groove Shipping Information (with calculator)

P.S.: If you like to whine a lot, maybe you want to get yourself some Dusty Groove Wear? 😉

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