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I added Mosaic boxed sets #186 and #187.

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Ever since 1983, Mosaic Records has released some of the world’s finest reissue collections. The print run is always limited and, unfortunately, the discographical information usually disappears once a set has gone out-of-print. Fans looking for information in regard to what was included in this set or that have to hunt around the Internet, consult posts on various different jazz and music forums, puzzle together information from various sources and hope that what they found is correct. To alleviate this problem, I’ve added this single page to my site on which you can download Mosaic Records discographies. I don’t have all of the discographies for out-of-print sets yet and if you do, I and many other fans of Mosaic Records would appreciate it if you could help out by contacting me and letting me have a copy of what you’ve got. The downloads are *.pdf files (get: Adobe Acrobat Reader) which you can save to your computer’s drive. I hope this page will, when completed, be of service to the many fans of Mosaic’s wonderful reissue program. If you want to know more about Mosaic Records, visit their website, check out “The Mosaic Records Story” and don’t forget to read the interview conducted with Mosaic Records Producer Scott Wenzel over on “Bop and Beyond” in 2008 (interview: part 01 | part 02) and “All That Jazz: Keeping the Music Alive“, a Pennsylvania Gazette 2004 profile of Michael Cuscuna. Also, do not forget to support Mosaic Records by purchasing any of the available releases via their website. If you like, you can also order a free brochure there.

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information provided here but hope that as this page gets fleshed-out, people will contribute to what’s available. This is how I will go about adding your contributions: You can leave a comment re any changes or additional info you have (use this site’s “contact” form), I will fix the download file and add your name to the list of contributors at the foot of the page. I have used “Calibri” as the basic font for these documents. If anything looks funky on your machine, let me know as well, please.

Covers or any other images are NOT included. This page is NOT for Internet pirates looking to finalize their illegal copies!

Available Discographies: Box Sets

Download Mosaic Records Discographies: Box Sets.

Note: To save the *.pdf files of the discographies you would like to have to your hard disk, right-click and choose ‘Save (Link) As’. Any discography not listed here I don’t have online or available at the moment. There’s no need to bombard me with mails or comments. :)

  • Mosaic # 126:
    The Complete Johnny Hodges Recordings (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 135:
    The Complete Roulette Live Recordings of Count Basie and His Orchestra (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 142:
    The Complete CBS Studio Recordings of Woody Shaw (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 144:
    The Complete CBS Buck Clayton Jam Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 150:
    The Complete Blue Note 1964-66 Jackie McLean Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 152:
    The Complete CBS Recording of Eddie Condon and His All Stars (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 153:
    The Complete Aladdin Recordings of Charles Brown (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 154:
    The Complete February 1957 Jimmy Smith Blue Note Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 155:
    The Complete Aladdin Recordings of Amos Milburn (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 156:
    The Complete Roulette Recordings of the Maynard Ferguson Orchestra (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 157:
    The Complete Capitol Recordings of George Shearing (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 158:
    Miles Davis: The Complete Plugged Nickel Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 159:
    The Phil Woods Quartet/Quintet 20th Anniversary Set (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 160:
    The Complete Capitol Recordings of Duke Ellington (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 161:
    The Complete Blue Note Andrew Hill Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 162:
    The Complete Blue Note Lee Morgan Fifties Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 163:
    The Complete Capitol Studio Recordings of Stan Kenton (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 164:
    Miles Davis/Gil Evans: The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 165:
    The Complete Illinois Jacquet Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 166:
    The Complete Blue Note/UA Curtis Fuller Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 167:
    The Complete Blue Note Sam Rivers Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 168:
    The Complete Capitol Fifties Jack Teagarden Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 169:
    The Complete Columbia J.J. Johnson Small Group Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 170:
    Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 172:
    The Complete Blue Note/UA/Roulette Recordings of Thad Jones (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 173:
    The Complete Verve Recordings of the Teddy Wilson Trio (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 174:
    The Complete Atlantic Recordings of Lennie Tristano Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 175:
    The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of the Chico Hamilton Quintet (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 176:
    The Complete Capitol and Atlantic Recordings of Jimmy Giuffre (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 177:
    The Complete Studio Recordings of The Miles Davis Quintet (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 178:
    The Complete Blue Note Blue Mitchell Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 179:
    The Atlantic New Orleans Jazz Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 180:
    The Pacific Jazz Bud Shank Studio Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 182:
    The Complete Verve/Clef Charlie Ventura/Flip Philips Studio Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 183:
    Miles Davis: The Complete Bitches Brew (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 184:
    The Peggy Lee and June Christy Capitol Transcriptions (PDF)
  • Mosaic # 185:
    Kenton Presents: Bob Cooper, Bill Holman and Frank Rosolino (PDF)
  • Mosaic #186:
    The Complete Verve Stuff Smith Sessions (PDF)
  • Mosaic #187:
    The Complete H.R.S. Sessions (PDF)

Available Discographies: Mosaic Select

Download Mosaic Records Discographies: Mosaic Select.

Note: To save the *.pdf files of the discographies you would like to have to your hard disk, right-click and choose ‘Save (Link) As’. Any discography not listed here I don’t have online or available at the moment. There’s no need to bombard me with mails or comments. :)

001 – Mosaic Select: Grachan Moncur (PDF)
002 – Mosaic Select: Carmell Jones (PDF)
003 – Mosaic Select: Bennie Green (PDF)
004 – Mosaic Select: Randy Weston (PDF)
006 – Mosaic Select: John Patton (PDF)
007 – Mosaic Select: Curtis Amy (PDF)
008 – Mosaic Select: Duke Pearson (PDF)
009 – Mosaic Select: Bob Brookmeyer (PDF)
010 – Mosaic Select: Bud Shank/Bob Cooper (PDF)
011 – Mosaic Select: Dizzy Reece (PDF)
013 – Mosaic Select: Don Pullen (PDF)
014 – Mosaic Select: Dexter Gordon (PDF)
015 – Mosaic Select: Art Pepper (PDF)
017 – Mosaic Select: Johnny Richards (PDF)
018 – Mosaic Select: Freddie Slack (PDF)
019 – Mosaic Select: Pacific Jazz Piano Trios (PDF)

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Flurin Casura for sharing with me the ones I did not have.

Copyright: All the information provided in the download files is (c) Mosaic Records. This page is published by permission from Mosaic Records, dated July 22nd, 2009.

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