Devialet “Phantom”

What you are looking at is a speaker.
And a controversial one at that.

Controversial because owners of audiophile speakers costing tens of thousands of dollars are already spreading their hate around the Net. Why, you ask? Because it clocks in at around $2000 per speaker and gives lots of totally overpriced ones a run for their money.

The other day I was able to check out a stereo pair of these “babies”, the Devialet “Phantom”, that, visually, could easily have been on set for Oblivion. I didn’t expect much, but, boy, did they rattle the shop windows and foundations … in a good way.

Yes, audiophiles will throw (and are throwing) every golden ear cliche at this 12-kilo monster (24kg for the pair), but this speaker really is in a class of its own. A wireless speaker with 3000 watts of sheer power and a hermetically-sealed enclosure whose sides start thrusting outwards when the faintest air of bass kicks in. Air is moved. Lots of it.

I’m not going to write more.

Do have a look at their website and check out the specs. Use one, use two, throw just about anything at it and it does sound exceptionally good. If the last minute aspect of sound isn’t an absolute necessity for you, the approximately 4000 Euro a pair costs will buy you enough sound to rival speakers a multitude of Euros more expensive.

Don’t listen to the audiophiles, listen for yourself.


A youtube video can never, ever (especially when filmed with a smartphone) reproduce this sound (both in its weight and in its surprising delicate sound it is able to reproduce when needed), but have a quick look just to get an idea: video 1 (single speaker) | video 2 (speaker pair) | video 3 (Silverstone 2015)

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