Dear Steve Lukather …

Toto put out a fabulous album a few months ago.

21st Century Blues“, with Keith shufflin’ the hell out of the tune, is perhaps my favorite song of the past many years.


Shades of Steely Dan, great writing, and you are absolutely fabulous on it.
Did I say how much I like that tune?

Why the f*ck did you allow the absolutely shoddy, atrocious and painful mastering of said release? What the hell rode you? I know you defended the CD’s sound with bloody knuckles on Facebook and although I wonder why the hell you did that, I respect that you took the time. It was close to your heart … and all of that.

Still, the whole CD sounds like someone had sonic constipation.
The music you invested so much lifeblood in sounds like someone shat on it.

And that’s coming from someone who is quite forgiving when it comes to the sonic appearance of music he likes.

Don’t trust your own ears.
Do it over.
Fix it.

Don’t let your music go down the sonic chute of oblivion.

Thanks for listening.
And keep on writing great stuff.
Love it.


Posted by Volkher Hofmann

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