De5 – Mercury 824 999-1

One of the most coveted CDs I have ever come across (and have) is one released by a Danish band, De5. I wrote about this CD elsewhere, but, in short, I stumbled across it one day in a Copenhagen second-hand CD-shop out on Østerbro, thought it had just been released and decided to get it later because I didn’t have enough cash along and because I had the LP already.

Big mistake.
That was the only copy of the CD I have ever seen for sale publicly, and that was ages ago.

Since then, I have come across a ton of collectors (and, thank God, also fans of the music) who are willing to either pay a premium price for it or are ready to go out of their way to get hold of a copy.

Because I have both today, the LP and the CD, I often help people out with scans and the like (see the end of this post, below the “fold”).

De5‘s debut album is one that I have heard a million times and that’s mostly because it holds a bag-full of catchy tunes (with a very distinctive guitar/keyboard and full, round overall sound that got me hooked way back when), played by excellent musicians. Yes, it’s got that 80s sound to it, but the production quality and the compositions were excellent throughout. Michael Elo, the vocalist, who had been all over the musical map previously and has been even more so after the two De5 albums, fit the band and the sound like the proverbial glove.

It always surprised me that this band was so short-lived and didn’t really catch on, but their follow-up album, which I also have, just didn’t compare and I distinctly remember a shift in the music scene (in Denmark) around 1985/86, which started to leave bands like De5 in the dust.



De5. De5. Mercury 1985.

LP: Mercury 824 999-1
Music Cassette: Mercury 824 999-4
CD: Mercury 824 999-1

Recorded at: Sweet Silence Studios (“I Nat” was recorded at Werner Studio).
Produced by: Kim Sagild
Cover photos: Tue Lütken
Handwriting: Dina Johansen

1. Noget Galt (T. Johansen) – 04:10
2. Lige Nu (T. Johansen) – 04:05
3. Det Er Forkert (T. Johansen) – 03:37
4. I Nat (T. Johansen) – 03:52
5. Hvor Er Du (T. Johansen) – 04:09
6. Sig Nu Farvel (T. Johansen) – 03:59
7. Lyset (T. Johansen) – 3:57
8. Hvis Nu Vi Ku´ (Michael Elo) – 04:01
9. Pas På (T. Johansen) – 04:15

Personnel: Michael Elo (vocals, background vocals), Torben Johansen (guitar, background vocals), Lars Danielsson (bass), Frede Ewert (keyboards), Magnus Persson (drums).

Additional personnel: Peter Schiøtz (drums), Klaus Menzer (drums), Jan Sivertsen (drums), Peter Svarre (sequencer), Kim Sagild (percussion), Jørgen Emborg (grand piano), Kim Daugaard (bass).

[scans below]

LP (scans):

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