Crime of the Century

Ray Staff at Air Studios, London, did an excellent remastering job on this 40th anniversary edition. Don’t listen to some Amazon reviewers who, because on the respective audiophile forums everyone disputed their assertions, headed over there (as they always do) to complain about too much bass and whatnot, stating that the sound is “off”. Some people have even called this “brickwalled“. Absolute bullsh*t. I am getting seriously tired of those people who claim that they are able to hear ants fart from a distance because they have “highly revealing” audiophile gear, thick cables and both too much money and time they don’t know what to do with. If you like this album, get this new remaster and don’t look back. The live concert (mixed from the original multitracks by Ken Scott), which is really quite good, is an added bonus.

Anecdote: You know how there are certain moments in one’s life that just stay around forever? I remember falling asleep within seconds on the floor one day in front of my stereo to the first track, “School”, after an extremely tough week on the job. I had my headphones on and the volume turned way up high. One minute and forty-eight seconds later I woke up sweat-drenched, completely disoriented and with a heart beating at twice the normal rate when that playground scream erupts. It was a surreal moment which always jumps back at me when I hear this album.

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  1. Agreed with the brickwalled and audiophile thing. Now in Hong Kong there is a market for late 80s pressed CD (which I have quite a bunch) especially those pressed in West Germany with a “silver” ring which were supposed to be more “real” due due a straight transfer.

    Not really bother to check or compare although I listened to my music everyday but when I the Herbie Hancock Columbia box… wow.. the new re-mastered sound is exceptional.

    Cham Ho


    1. There are too many people hunting around for those early/late 80s pressings. I have quite a few myself and although some are quite good, a lot of them are just crap. They were rushed to market by labels that didn’t want to lose out on a decent cash grab when the CD came to prominence. Straight transfers, no matter what some people say, were often just cheap transfers.

      I got the Hancock box not soooo long ago and I totally agree: The sound is fabulous. I’ve been rediscovering my fusion roots with it, along with the Stanley Clarke Epic albums box which I have been enjoying again. Mark Wilder also did a pretty good job on those!


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