Copenhagen Jazz Festival Posters

One of the highlights whenever I visited Denmark almost every year since I left in 1982 was the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival that I tried to attend whenever possible. The best thing about the festival was its easy-going atmosphere coupled with a mass of free concerts which made it difficult to choose just one to attend. I often found myself running from one spot to another to try to catch two at the same time.

Unfortunately, I threw out all the programs I had years ago because, as a hoarder of some caliber, I simply have too much stuff flying around my place at any given time. I also never bought into the available posters because they were hard to lug home together with the suitcases full of books and CDs I always snatched up on the cheap in the many second hand shops around Copenhagen as well.

Years ago, I tried to download all the posters for each festival from 1979 onwards that I could find online, but it is only the newer ones I have in any decent resolution. Unfortunately, a proper site showcasing these wonderful works of art has yet to appear on the Web. The festival organizers used to show them off on Facebook, but even if they’re still doing so, many people probably don’t have access to them.

Below you will find the ones I currently have floating around my hard drive, in reverse order, starting with the most recent one from 2016.


Copenhagen Jazz Festival Posters (2016-1979)


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