Copenhagen, 2001

When the Danish Navy left the harbor just across the water from the city center, the somewhat industrial-looking area was opened up to anyone who wanted to water-taxi over there. I regularly did. So did bankers, business executives, freaks and geeks and whoever else wanted to get his or her feet wet playing water polo, hanging around the straw cocktail huts or simply lounging around on the various deck chairs strewn across the huge plot. A wonderful atmosphere long gone.

Later they flattened it, built an excruciatingly ugly opera house and surrounded it with a parking lot for a few thousand cars.

It’s just another example of architects and civil servants ruining a waterfront that used to be worthwhile, just because they could. In that sense, Copenhagen is much like London which has been continually “enhanced” with demented architectural ego trips since the early 1980s.

Posted by Volkher Hofmann

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