The German educational system is based on one single thing only: the idealism of its employees. I’ve been in the game for 21 years now and without single individuals sacrificing just about everything, the entire system would flounder within seconds.

In Germany, as is probably the case in many other countries, it has become increasingly popular to characterize teachers in a way that portrays them as the most inept of the inept, people who have nothing but holidays and, generally, are lazier than groundhogs hibernating. I couldn’t really care less about what the general populace thinks, simply because it seems to mostly consist of people constantly airing their very own grievances at the expense of others, but that my own government and superiors are actively factoring in idealism when calculating their budget is – and that is putting it mildly – criminally stupid. But, they have the majority on their side, a majority that loves to hate on teachers, the educational system and everything that has anything to do with civil service. As a result, I see an increasing number of formerly idealistic and highly involved and active people ending up in what we like to call “inner immigration” and if society and my superiors won’t revise its/their stance anytime soon, all we will be left with in the near future are people going through the motions … a flatlining educational system not worth the few measly (devalued) Cents people are willing to invest in it.

Just sayin’ …



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