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Kerdil, Frank (Denmark): "Groove" CD Holder


If you have rather large collections like I do, it’s always nice to have a smaller selection close to your stereo if the collection, which is often the case, is stored in a rather elaborate

Vismara (Italy): Frame 214 for CDs

Vismara: Frame 214

When surfing the Internet for CD storage systems two or three years ago, I came across a website by a company in Italy, Vismara in Milano. I didn’t dare ask about prices for the many

Can-Am Media Cabinets (USA)

Can-Am Cabinets (CD/DVD)

Going for Can-Am media cabinets will probably mean that you have to walk around nude for a year or two, they are that expensive. But they are also worth it. Of course, I don’t have



[Edit: “Jewlboxing” was discontinued in 2013.] I don’t remember when I stumbled over these, but it must have been when someone sent me a privately-produced promotional CD. To be quite honest, I didn’t much care

Brian: Discography Compilation Software.

Brian 4

Most cataloging and archiving applications available today are really good at helping you fill out a million data fields, automatically look up a CD on the Internet or download covers. But they have one big