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Judas Priest (remastered).

Judas Priest Remastered: What A Shit Show!

I’ve been a Judas Priest fan ever since I heard the first note they recorded pouring from my – at the time – very poor speaker setup. Unfortunately, with much better gear I own today,


1958 – 2016

A true innovator and one hell of a musician.

The Doobie Brothers. Southbound. Sony/Arista, 2014.

In Defense of “Southbound”

The other day – for next to nothing  –  I got myself the Doobie Brothers’ most “recent” album, Southbound (Sony/Arista, 2014). Then I read the reviews around the Net and … I am getting ahead

Catch the Rainbow (2003).

Catch the Rainbow!

For years I have been miffed about the absence of decent-sounding Rainbow reissues. Soundwise, Rainbow’s releases weren’t that great in the first place (I have the original LPs), but, lo and behold, the relatively recent

Oh so quiet!

Oh So Quiet?

If you thought that nothing was happening around here, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just that my site had to suffer from the overpowering workload of the past weeks. Besides family matters

New 2016 jazz biopics.

Jazz Biopics

Two new jazz “biopics” debut around the same time and both appear to be more or less flawed, but I’d still like to see them, especially because of the actors, Ethan Hawke in “Born to