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How the Music Got Free

I’m currently having a blast reading this rip-roaring yarn of how MP3, at least for a while, threatened to kill an entire industry. It’s a well-informed book which, if you were there, jump-starts a whole

Scann-Tec - Unyt (2016).

Scann-Tec – Unyt

I love myself some good ambient music more often than not and Scann-Tec’s “Unyt” is a recent 2016 favorite. Scann-Tec is Vladislav Isaev, a Russian music composer and sound sculptor from Moscow. “Unyt” is available

Great music that sounds like shit.

Dear Steve Lukather …

Toto put out a fabulous album a few months ago. “21st Century Blues“, with Keith shufflin’ the hell out of the tune, is perhaps my favorite song of the past many years. Really. Fabulous. Stuff.

Rio Reiser.

Here’s to Rio Reiser

For all my English-speaking readers: I grew up internationally and made tons of friends way back when. At the time, aeons ago, the German music scene largely passed me by …. from the middle 70s

Judas Priest (remastered).

Judas Priest Remastered: What A Shit Show!

I’ve been a Judas Priest fan ever since I heard the first note they recorded pouring from my – at the time – very poor speaker setup. Unfortunately, with much better gear I own today,


1958 – 2016

A true innovator and one hell of a musician.