Can-Am Cabinets (CD/DVD)

Going for Can-Am media cabinets will probably mean that you have to walk around nude for a year or two, they are that expensive. But they are also worth it. Of course, I don’t have any of these myself, especially since it would cost two arms and half a head to have them sent to Europe, but I’ve seen and handled them in a shop in Copenhagen, Denmark, and boy, can they take a lot of weight and abuse.

They are not really beauties, but chosing the right color (White, Black Satin, Black Gloss Textured, Navy Blue, Steel Blue, Teal Blue, Beige, Hunter Green, Plum, Fog Gray, Storm Gray, Charcoal Gray, Director Red, Chocolate Brown, Metallic Steel Gloss, Metallic Silver Satin) and adding a suitable counter top (Wood Grain, Black, White, Navy Blue, Beige, Hunter Green, Fog Gray, Storm Gray, Charcoal Gray and Metallic) can make them fit in and look quite cool.

The cabinets are made of steel and finished in a satin powder coat. They are available as two or three drawer units. Each drawer holds 270 CDs, 120 DVDs, or 60 videos. And that’s in standard packaging. If you use sleeves, you could probably start your own shop. And that’s only the CD/DVD storage aspect of the system. They also have lots of products for stereo equipment, TV and home theater and computer setups.

The cabinets come fully assembled and optional items such as wheels, legs, dividers, backstops and shelves are packaged separately. Because these are heavy-duty cabinets, you can only stack a maximum of three high, but that should be more than enough, because if you stack three and place several of these rock-solid constructions next to each other, you can probably house your entire collection, and then some.

On their website you can find a configurator which will help you determine the total cost of a unit of your choice. I’ve done the work for you and assembled a monster configuration with 6 three-drawer units and a single as well as one double counter top, and without wheels and accessories (the configurator does automatically add dividers for the drawer cabinets) this baby will cost you – assuming that you live in Alabama – $3252.00 plus $340 shipping, which adds up to a grand total of $3592.

Can-Am ships worldwide directly from their warehouse, offers a full money-back guarantee (but you pay the substantial return shopping costs), accepts credit cards, certified cheques and money orders in advance of shipping but does not ship orders COD.

Yes, they are expensive, but there aren’t any other comparable units on the market that are as stable and indestructible as these. You can put a lot of CDs in here and it would probably be a once in a lifetime investment. I would buy them if I had the money.

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