Bristol Music Center (Copenhagen)


Most of my readers will probably see an age-old photo of some street somewhere, but what I and many friends can see is the only photo available on the Internet of the iconic “Bristol Music Center” in Copenhagen, Denmark, the place where I/many others spent the better part of my/our youth.

As an added bonus, it also shows the Burger King I worked at until I had amassed enough money to add both a second bass drum and a Paiste ride cymbal to my Tama drum kit. As soon as the latter was in my possession, I quit. 🙂

I have to give huge props to David (S.) Karoll who made my day after having sifted through his parents’ photo album to uncover what absolutely nobody else had.

Thanks, Dave!

Note: If you don’t know who David Karoll is, check his IMDB profile – I’m sure you’ve all seen his work or profited from it (in a recreational sense) at some point of your life. If not, you haven’t been to the movies these past decades and/or haven’t had a TV set for ages.

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