Braun PS500 (1968)

There is an almost limitless number of great vintage turntables available today, especially if you are willing to pay the steadily rising prices for these models, which, by the way, blow many of the far pricier modern turntables clear out of the water.

The one I want to introduce you to here, the Braun PS 500, is one that is not exactly the most sought after. It went for around $270 in 1968 (its “big brother”, the fully automatic PS600, for a mere $20 more) and even today, many people opt for the shinier models or, which has to be admitted, the technically superior ones.

But, to my eyes, the Braun PS500 from the Dieter Rams school of design is one of the most beautiful turntables out there. It’s the kind of player I would put up in my living room just to look at every single day until I drop dead.

For someone interested in design as well as vintage Hi-Fi equipment, the PS500 is the perfect marriage of top-notch industrial design and, even today, more than adequate technical abilities. The turntable displays perfect proportions, the typical Dieter Rams color palette (which some strange individuals sometimes object to) and, for want of a better expression, a perfect “user interface”.

This turntable is a beauty to behold.

The other day, Alex B. posted some photos on a forum I am a member of and was kind enough to send me copies of those so I can post them for you here. Check them out below.

Photos © 2015 by Alex B.

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