Bobo Moreno & Noisy Neighbours

I have no idea, but I would assume that I have anywhere between 5000 and 15.000 CDs.
Could be more.
No idea.

Bobo Moreno & Noisy Neighbours’ (only) album from 1998 has been in my top 50 ever since it was released. Every so often it moves to a top-10 position on my rig – like right now –  and it is one of the very few CDs I have listened to so often that the copy that I ripped to my PC is probably a lot more reliable than the original CD I bought when it came out. That one probably has more scratches, Gin & Rum splotches and fingerprints than any of the other regularly-played CDs I have.

Bobo Moreno has been so much all over the musical map that it has been a frustrating experience for all of his fans, but on this CD, he just rips it up. It’s a CD that hails from Denmark, a country that hasn’t exactly been on the international musical map (despite its excellent musicians and bands) besides your average pop dross and an occasional rocker or two, but this CD just rocks, although, I suspect, not all too many copies were sold at a time when other music and styles were prominent.

Besides Moreno ripping the hell out of a whole bunch of (mostly) cover tunes, this CD has exactly the drum sound that I could and would kill for (a really fat and dry bass drum + a punchy snare, to boot), embedded in a cohesive band sound (the guitar and organ are fabulous) that just gets my juices flowing. Jesper Mechlenburg (drums, beat and percussion) is responsible for it and I don’t care how he achieved the sound … my Marantz system and the Dynaudio speakers pump this stuff across the landscape as if there was no tomorrow.

It’s one of my favorites and, if you at all care, have a look around for online samples, which there are plenty of.

Highlights? Too many to mention, as there isn’t a single second on this CD I don’t like, but check out their version of Disco Inferno (yep), Shame, Shame, Shame, the opening track, A Place to Turn, Stuck in the Middle … and so on, and so forth. This is party music that you can/must run on repeat. It grooves like hell.


Bobo Moreno & The Noisy Neighbours. Bobo Moreno & The Noisy Neighbours. Sundance [SU 9035-2], 1998.

A Place To Turn (P. Lavon, J. Rugsted & S. Kreutzfeldt) – 4:03
02. Hot Stuff (H. Faltermeyer, K. Forsey, P. Bellotte) – 3:20
03. Disco Inferno (L. Green, R. Kersey) – 3:34
04. For What It’s Worth (S. Stills) – 3:28
05. Back To Where It Started From (J. Rugsted) – 4:37
06. Shame, Shame, Shame (S. Robinson) – 3:20
07. Stuck In The Middle (G. Rafferty, J. Egan) – 3:32
08. I Believe When I Fall In Love With You [It Will Be Forever] (S. Wonder) – 3:38
09. Hard To Handle (Jones, Isbell, Redding) – 2:11
10. See Things My Way (B, Moreno, P. Halberg) – 3:40
11. Love The One You’re With (S. Stills) – 3:07
12. Crazy (W. Nelson) – 3:19

Lead Vocals
– Bobo Moreno
Guitar – Janus Nyeborg
Lap Steel Guitar – Gustaf Ljunggren
Bass – Nikolaj Davidsen
Drums – Jesper Mechlenburg
Backing Vocals – Bobo Moreno, Susanne Marcussen, Trille Palsgård

Engineer – Thomas Brekling
Executive-Producer – Peter Littauer
Mastered By – Jørgen Knub
Mixed By – Thomas Brekling
Organ [Hammond] – Dan Hemmer
Organ [Wurlitzer] – Dan Hemmer
Percussion – Bobo Moreno, Jesper Mechlenburg
Producer – Thomas Brekling
Synthesizer [Moog] – Dan Hemmer


P.S.: I saw Bobo Moreno live in many, many different constellations (rock, funk, jazz, pop, fusion ….) and he always delivered.

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