Bahncard Shenanigans

In Germany, “Deutsche Bahn” (the rail service I am dependent on as the only German without a driver’s license) has apparently been contemplating reforming their price structure and frequent travelers’ discounts. Nobody really has an idea what is in the works, but a reform is imminent.

The “Bahncard” I have saves me 50% every single time I book a trip. It currently costs 255 Euro per year and the way this simple discount system is set up, I need to travel at least for 510 Euro per year to make it worthwhile. Sometimes I do, other times I don’t.

For me, the “Bahncard” is a psychological incentive to actually travel, one to not be turned off by the full price once contemplating going somewhere. So, as other discount offers are few and far between (and hard to get) and since the regular price for just about any train journey is simply outrageous, without the “Bahncard” I would probably never travel anywhere.

I know the people at “Deutsche Bahn” are constantly counting their return on any Euro spent, and they should, but I do have the feeling that they are unaware of lots of people like me, the ones who have it just … because.

Here’s to hoping whatever they come up with doesn’t leave me (us) out.

Posted by Volkher Hofmann

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