Andreas Gursky

This weekend’s fabulously warm weather allowed for a quick trip to Baden-Baden to check out a new exhibition in Frieder Burda‘s 20-million (Euro) modern art museum which had some of Andreas Gursky‘s (more recent) photo work on exhibit.

Gursky has been criticized more frequently these past months because many of the photos on display in Baden-Baden were deemed “superficial” (and lots of other things) by critics, but I enjoyed this noticeable (often also playful/experimental) shift in his work.

One of the heavily criticized photos, entitled “Rückblick” (retrospect/throwback) is actually a mashup (mixed and rearranged) of the four most recent German Chancellors seated in front of a blood-red painting by Barnett Newman.


Andreas Gursky ("Rückblick").


It was actually my favorite on display, aside from a photo of the river “Rhine” in a parallel-line style (it just doesn’t work on a computer screen, so I won’t link to it here), both of which I would hang up on my wall.

The Chancellors made me laugh out loud when I saw them, immediately recognizable to any German (I hope), with Helmut Schmidt (depicted with the ever-present smokescreen he likes to surround himself with) chatting to Angela Merkel and with a (mildly interested) Gerhard Schröder as well as an – immobile and introspective – Helmuth Kohl (all my interpretation) on the sidelines.

Pure gold for a social studies teacher.


Neither postcard nor poster available.

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