(+) Alien Surfing

It was just to cheap to pass up.
Hell, it clocked in at 1 Euro plus small change per CD.

Many people might (or have) call(ed) this noodling, and I am certainly not the type that kind of music goes down well with, but a hefty chunk of his material came highly recommended by some friends, so I gave it a shot. Plus, Joe Satriani and John Cuniberti are well aware of the so-called “loudness wars” and have attempted to get things right, which is highly recommendable (and should be supported):

“‘What I’m really happy about is how great everything now sounds. John knows my music from more angles than anybody, and he really got to the bottom of everything. You can listen to two or three hours of my music now without your ears getting fatigued.’ He thinks for a second, then chuckles. ‘Whether you get sick of me, that’s up to you, but you’ll sure love the way this sounds.‘” [Joe Satriani interview, musicradar, April 8, 2014]

Joe Satriani, The Complete Studio Albums Collection (Epic/Legacy 88725 41842-2, 2014).

  • CD 01: Not of This Earth (Relativity 88561-8110-2, 1986)
  • CD 02: Surfing with the Alien (Relativity 88561-8193-2, 1987)
  • CD 03: Flying in a Blue Dream (Relativity 88561-1015-2, 1989)
  • CD 04: The Extremist (Relativity 88561-1053-2, 1992)
  • CD 05: Time Machine – The Studio Recordings (first CD 0of Relativity 88561-1177-2, 1993)
  • CD 06: Joe Satriani (Relativity 88561-1500-2, 1995)
  • CD 07: Crystal Planet (Epic EK 68018, 1998)
  • CD 08: Engines of Creation (Epic EK 67860, 2000)
  • CD 09: Strange Beautiful Music (Epic EK 86294, 2002)
  • CD 10: Is There Love in Space? (Epic EK 90832, 2004)
  • CD 11: Super Colossal (Epic 82876 76755-2, 2006)
  • CD 12: Professor Satchafunkilus and The Musterion of Rock (Epic 88697 21626-2, 2008)
  • CD 13: Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards (Epic 88697 78635-2, 2010)
  • CD 14: Unstoppable Momentum (Epic 88765 48285-2, 2013)
  • CD 15: Additional Creations and Bonus Tracks

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