Albert Cummings Weekend

Albert Cummings weekend is coming up. In fact, it has just started. I have loads of blues here, but ever since I discovered him one or two years ago, I have started buying into everything he’s done, put his CDs on time and again (all of them are also mainstays on my smartphone), and continuously defended him against naysayers who call him unoriginal and always throw other big names into the ring. That’s not the point, folks. It’s the kind of music I would like to see at a smaller club on a weekend, having a good time while I am at it. Cummings delivers 100% in that (and many other) department(s). Although I hate the term, I would call him a working man’s blues guitarist. And I don’t care if many people disagree, but on his live album, when the wonderfully upbeat  Blues Makes Me Feel So Good (my favorite Cummings tune) segues into Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll, the latter happens to be the only Zeppelin cover I like (and I’ve heard tons), simply because it is true to that tune’s spirit.

He does have plenty of chops and, most importantly, he always stays believable and true to what he’s doing. Plus, you can always sense and hear that he’s having loads of fun. You really can’t ask for more. And, please, stop trying to make him a next Stevie Ray Vaughan (or whatever). He’s not trying to be. He’s Albert Cummings, and that’s more than enough for me.

P.S.: Albert Cummings has completed his new (as yet untitled) album, which is going to be released early this summer. This time, I’m going to jump on board the second it is released.

P.S.S.: It is depressing to see how difficult it is to get hold of a new & affordable copy of “From the Heart”. Over here in Europe, the prices for that one have been all over the map these past 12 months. I finally managed to secure a new copy for around 19 Euro including postage. Produced and backed by Double Trouble (Tommy Shannon on bass and Chris Layton on drums) and with Reese Wynans on keyboards and Johnny Moeller on rhythm guitar completing the line-up, this excellent recording should be more readily available.

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