Africa Or Bust!

Africa doesn’t like me very much.
The rest, apparently, I’ve got pretty much covered.

I have had quite a few websites online in my life and it never ceases to amaze me how some odd (personal) mini sites people put out there develop a life of their own. As you know, this site is meant for a few friends around the globe who want to keep track of whatever I’m up to, but studying the statistics for in a bit more detail for the first time ever, it was the HiFi and music stuff I posted that got spread around via various referrer links from forums, company websites, etc. or simply popped up for those searching on Google and other search engines.

Still, I know where my friends reside and the top 11 countries depicted above are pretty much their home turf.

So, here’s to another five-digit readership in 2016!

Posted by Volkher Hofmann

Volkher Hofmann (deus62) has been blogging on and off since the 1990s and is all that is left. He loves music, literature, drumming and, most of all, real life. He thinks the open web is much more important than social networks, closed-in ecosystems and other severely commercialized online endeavors.

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